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Crime prevention strategies presently adopted in Singapore

This sample essay will discuss the crime prevention strategies presently adopted in Singapore.

In this essay, we will look at how Singapore tackles and prevents crimes and scams. We will also look at the guidelines and campaigns used to spread awareness among the people.

Naturally, these scams and crimes happen in the real world as well as the digital or technical world. Singapore is trying to prevent all types of crimes regardless of nature.

In this article, we will look at the Singapore police forces’ contributions towards the cause and the slogans and posters used by the government to spread knowledge across the people.

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National Crime Prevention Council

National Crime Prevention Council also called NCPC is the organization that governs Singapore and runs campaigns to spread awareness regarding molestation, scam, and crime and cybercrime prevention.

Moreover, it was quoted by the chairman of NCPC Mr. Gerald SIngham that in the last 6 months of 2020 crime rate has gone up by 130%. Contributing to this the covid-19 situation has forced people to stay in homes, giving rise to more and more cyber scams. 82 million Singaporeans have been lost to scams.

Now we will look at some of the crime prevention strategies used by the NCPC and Singapore police force to spread awareness.

Spot the Signs Stop the Crime”

This strategy used by the NCPC and SPF motivates people to beware of frauds and look out for possible scammers and criminals.

Moreover, NCPC asks citizens of Singapore to hold a sense of responsibility towards their own property and to that of their fellow citizens of Singapore.

Often it is said that people notice the possible crime or scam but close their eyes to it and let it happen. The “Spot the sign, Stop the crime” aims at spreading awareness to people that how their little contribution can stop crime and prevent someone from crossing harm’s way.

Guidelines from NCPC state the following:

  • Be vigilant – this asks for people to look out for possible scammers and criminals.
  • Be aware – people should always be on their toes as scams and crimes can happen to anyone regardless of their status, race, or religion.
  • Always verify – NCPC says one should always verify the authenticity of the situation before sharing valuable information.
  • Spread the words – the government of Singapore requests people to spread information about crime and scam prevention as much as possible.

Don’t Take the Bait – Validate!

The National Crime Prevention Council with help of AT&T setup public awareness camps also know as public education camps to bring awareness about cyber frauds. The campaign was termed as “Don’t Take the Bait – Validate!”

Fraudsters and scammer use social engineering strategies to trick people into sharing sensitive information. These criminals mimic government or official procedures to get peoples’ trust.

Against that, the main goal of the campaign is to educate people about their sensitive data like PIN, OTPs, bank account information, and so on. This is done in order to help people outsmart online frauds and protect themselves from cybercrimes.

The main take away from this campaigns are:

  • Stay skeptical – never trust unknown people without verification.
  • If you are not fully confident never share information.
  • When you suspect any phone call or a person, immediately contact the authorities and report the incident.

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Against molestation

Molestation, the outrage of modesty, sexual abuse is known by many names. Nevertheless, it is always horrible and traumatizing for the person that becomes the victim of it.

Shockingly, these activities take place more in public places as compared to closed locations. The criminals use crowds and public settings as a cover for their horrible crimes.

Nevertheless, the Singapore police force with NCPC has taken many steps to fight this criminal and empower people. There is a set of guidelines issued by the government for this particular situation.

Crime prevention guidelines by SPF (Singapore police force)

  • Always stay alert and attentive, be aware of your surroundings, even more so in a crowded setting or if a stranger is keeping unnatural closeness.
  • In a situation where someone jumps into the lift at the last moment and you are alone, you should wait for the next one keeping in your safety.
  • When in a crowded setting or when a person is coming unnaturally close, try to maintain your distance if possible.
  • If you have to go out during nighttime ask someone to join you. Avoid if you have to go alone.
  • Teach children to stay away from unknown people and avoid contact. Don’t allow kids to roam alone.

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