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Updated on: 21st Apr 2023

ENG308 HCIA – 5G SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

ENG308 HCIA – 5G course provides an introduction to modern 5G networking technologies. It overviews topics ranging from the fundamentals of mobile technologies and radio access networks to protocols and procedures for advanced data services, including network slicing, software-defined networking, distributed clouds, and more. Students curious about 5G technology can discover how this evolution changes our world for the better when utilizing advanced mobile networking capabilities.

This course examines key elements like cloud architecture and new networking protocols needed to realize strategies introduced by this generation of mobile access networks. The EN308 HCIA – 5G course is your ticket to dive deep into the world of cellular communication.

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In this section, we will discuss some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Examine digital systems and modulation schemes.

Digital systems and modulation schemes are becoming increasingly important for the transmission of information, as the world moves towards further dependence on digital technologies. By separating the communication channel into specific frequencies, signals can be modulated to efficiently send reliable limited frequency information with minimum distortion. Different forms of modulation are used to achieve this goal, such as amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase shift keying and pulse code modulation.

Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of bit rate and complexity that should be considered when selecting the appropriate system for a given application. By studying how digital techniques transform input data into electromagnetic signals, we can ensure that our digital systems are equipped with the most effective design for reliably transmitting data.

Assignment Activity 2: Solve system parameters using appropriate mathematical and statistical models.

System parameters can be key to the success of any given system, so it is important that they are identified and structured correctly. In order to do this accurately, mathematical and statistical models should be used as a guide. Using them properly allows for accurate predictions and simulations to be made, allowing for appropriate decisions with regard to system parameters.

This in turn results in successful performance outcomes, ensuring the most efficient use of resources. Taking advantage of appropriate mathematical and statistical models available, therefore, can greatly benefit any given system.

Assignment Activity 3: Appraise the function and performance of the various subsystems/blocks in communication systems.

An effective communication system comprises a wide range of subsystems and blocks that need to be appraised for optimal performance. Every part of the system has special features and plays an important role for smooth functioning. The transmitter transmits data from the source in a form suitable for transmission, while any type of waveform generator is used to generate signals with desired properties. The antenna converts electric energy into electromagnetic radiation and launches it into free space or a device under test.

At the receiving end, the receiver performs additional processing to retrieve messages from a received signal, whereas the filter is typically employed at each stage between these components in order to process incoming information correctly. Quality evaluation through performance analysis allows us to understand how well these subsystems are performing and also provides guidance on how they may be improved in the future.

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Assignment Activity 4: Calculate the design parameters to satisfy the given requirements for the communication system.

When designing a communication system, it is of utmost importance to calculate accurately the design parameters needed in order to satisfy the requirements set by the client. This can often be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it is critical that all necessary details are evaluated so that the system will perform as expected.

The inputs to be considered include various factors such as source power, antenna gain, receiver noise figure, and path loss. A thorough analysis of these individual components – considering both their theoretical limits and actual performance figures – allows for reliable prediction of how the system will function to meet specific needs. It is only after such an evaluation that the appropriate design parameters can be identified and adapted accordingly.

Assignment Activity 5: Analyze the digital transmission of signals.

Digital transmission of signals has been an increasingly popular form of communication and data transfer in recent years due to its strength and precision. It involves transforming an analog signal into binary form, which allows for the transfer of large amounts of data with a high degree of accuracy. Transmission is done via cables, satellite links, fiber networks, or other forms of wireless communications; depending on the distance between devices, any infrastructure can be used.

Furthermore, digital transmission makes use of coding techniques in order to help reduce noise and distortion; thereby ensuring a high-quality communication link without any significant disruption or interference. All in all, digital transmission is an efficient way to communicate and exchange information via diverse networks and mediums.

Assignment Activity 6: Compare the different generations of communication systems.

Communication systems have seen incredible evolution over the past few decades. The first generation of communication systems focused mainly on analog signalings, such as radio and regular telephone lines. Increasing demand from customers for faster and more secure connections changed the game. In order to meet this need, digital transmission techniques entered the picture and enabled second-generation communication systems, which saw an increase in both speed and security for data transfer.

Finally, high-speed broadband internet emerged as part of third-generation communication systems, greatly improving capacity and reliability. This has further driven innovation in the field, allowing us to enjoy some of the fastest communications networks in history today.

Assignment Activity 7: Rate the performance of communication systems.

Communication systems play a crucial role in our daily lives, and assessing the performance of existing ones can go a long way in helping to determine which systems have what it takes to provide excellent services. An effective way of rating communication systems is by evaluating criteria such as speed, reliability, capacity for growth, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Each system should be judged based on how well these individual criteria are met; for example, if a system is fast but not reliable then there may be significant issues relating to the delivery of messages. Ultimately, when selecting new or updated communications systems it is important to ensure that they meet the highest standards in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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