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ENG105 Design of Logic Systems SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

ENG105 Design of Logic Systems course is a course offered at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). In this course, students will learn about the fundamentals of digital logic systems and their design. The topics covered include Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps, combinational and sequential logic designs, standard multiplexers, decoders and comparators, programmable logic devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Students will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in logic design, programming, and program verification.

In this course, students will be assessed through assignments that require logical analysis and problem-solving. In an assignment, students are expected to select appropriate digital logic components and circuits for a given practical problem. Through the assignments, students will gain knowledge of how to design digital systems that meet the specification requirements. In some cases, they may also need to explain their designs by constructing truth tables or circuit diagrams and include a discussion on the various trade-offs when selecting digital logic components.

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In this section, we will explain various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Draw gate-level schematic diagrams and signal waveforms for logic circuits.

As a professional in the field of logic circuits, it is essential to be able to create detailed gate-level schematic diagrams and accurate signal waveforms. These diagrams allow for a clear understanding of the logic circuit’s operation and its outputs. Creating these diagrams involves understanding the functionality of each gate and how they all work together within the larger circuit.

The signal waveforms provide a visual representation of the circuit’s voltage levels over time, which can be used to analyze the performance and accuracy of the circuit. Through careful planning and diligent work, these essential diagrams and waveforms can ensure the success of any logic circuit project.

Assignment Brief 2: Use Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh map, Quine-Mc-Cluskey methods to simplify logic circuits for optimal costs.

Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh Map, and Quine-McCluskey methods are three powerful tools that can be used to simplify logic circuits for optimal cost.

Boolean Algebra:

Boolean algebra is a mathematical tool that helps simplify complex Boolean expressions. It provides a set of rules and operations that can be used to manipulate logical variables (usually represented by binary values 0 and 1). The basic operations of Boolean algebra are AND, OR, and NOT, which can be used to build complex logic circuits. To simplify a logic circuit using Boolean algebra, the first step is to write the Boolean expression for the circuit using the logic gates used in the circuit. Then, we can use Boolean algebra rules to simplify the expression until we have the simplest expression that performs the same function as the original circuit.

Karnaugh Map:

The Karnaugh map, also known as a K-map, is a graphical tool that simplifies Boolean expressions. It is a two-dimensional grid of cells, where each cell represents a possible combination of input variables. To use the Karnaugh map, we fill in the cells with the output of the Boolean expression for each input combination. We can then group adjacent cells that have the same output to form larger groups. Each group represents a term in the simplified Boolean expression. The Karnaugh map is an efficient tool to simplify logic circuits because it allows us to visualize and group together terms that have the same output.

Quine-McCluskey method:

The Quine-McCluskey method is a systematic procedure for simplifying Boolean expressions. It starts by writing down all possible minterms of the expression, where each minterm is a product of all input variables. We can then combine adjacent minterms that differ by only one variable to form larger terms, called implicants. We repeat this process until we have no more adjacent minterms to combine. We can then eliminate redundant implicants to get the simplest Boolean expression that performs the same function as the original circuit.

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Assignment Brief 3: Identify the prime implicants, static hazards and other characteristics of logic circuits.

In the context of logic circuits, prime implicants and static hazards are important characteristics that are often considered in the design and analysis of digital systems. Here’s a brief explanation of each:

Prime Implicants:

  1. Prime implicants are the essential prime implicants that are used to minimize a Boolean function. They are defined as the prime implicants that are not covered by any other prime implicants. In other words, a prime implicant is a product term that is necessary to represent the output of the circuit. Prime implicants are important because they help simplify the circuit and reduce the number of gates needed to implement the logic function.

Static Hazards:

  1. Static hazards are a phenomenon that occurs in digital circuits when there is a temporary glitch in the output of the circuit due to a change in one of the input variables. These glitches can be caused by delays in the propagation of signals through the circuit, which can lead to incorrect output values. Static hazards can be eliminated by adding additional gates to the circuit or by using hazard-free logic designs.

Other important characteristics of logic circuits include:

  • Fan-in and fan-out: the number of inputs and outputs, respectively, of a gate or circuit.
  • Propagation delay: the time it takes for a signal to propagate through a gate or circuit.
  • Power dissipation: the amount of power consumed by the circuit during operation.
  • Noise margins: the range of input voltages that are guaranteed to be recognized as either a logical 0 or 1.

Assignment Brief 4: Present the state diagram, excitation table, state table and flow table for FSM.

Finite State Machines (FSMs) have become a crucial tool in digital circuit design, enabling complex systems to be implemented with minimal hardware. Central to the design of an FSM are four key tables: the state diagram, excitation table, state table, and flow table. These tables provide the basis for the algorithmic logic that governs the FSM’s behavior and must be carefully designed to ensure correct operation. The state diagram represents the states of the machine and the transitions between them, while the excitation table determines the output signals required to drive the next state.

The state table documents the next state for any given current state and input combination, and the flow table diagrams the relationship between the input, current state, next state, and outputs. The precise and comprehensive design of these tables is crucial to ensure that the FSM operates correctly and effectively meets the desired implementation requirements.

Assignment Brief 5: Implement logic circuits and logic functions using suitable components.

In today’s tech-driven world, the demand for logic circuits and functions is on the rise. Implementing these circuits requires an understanding of how logic functions work and what components are suitable for them. The use of appropriate components is crucial in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these circuits. Professionals in the field need to have a deep knowledge of electronic engineering to be able to understand and create complex logic systems.

Utilizing logic gates, flip-flops, and multiplexers, they can develop systems that can perform complex tasks with speed and precision. In short, the implementation of logic circuits and functions requires a blend of creativity and technical knowledge, making it a challenging and exciting field for professionals to pursue.

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Assignment Brief 6: Give cost, minimized expression, test vectors for logic circuits.

When designing and implementing logic circuits, understanding the cost and minimized expression of the circuit is crucial for achieving optimal performance. A cost-effective circuit can save time and resources, while a minimized expression reduces complexity and simplifies troubleshooting. Additionally, test vectors play a key role in ensuring that the circuit operates correctly under different input conditions. By considering these factors and incorporating them into the design process, professionals can create highly efficient logic circuits that meet the needs of their specific applications.

Assignment Brief 7: Write VHDL code for corresponding logic circuits and logic functions.

As a professional in the world of electrical engineering, coding VHDL for logic circuits and functions is a crucial skill to have. By understanding how to write VHDL code, you are able to express complex logic operations in a concise and easy-to-understand way. Whether you are designing a new system, implementing changes to an existing one, or simply trying to debug an issue, proficiency in VHDL code is a must.

With the ability to write VHDL for corresponding logic circuits and functions, you can streamline your workflow, debug issues quickly, and better analyze and optimize your designs. Invest the time and effort into mastering VHDL coding and watch your projects take off to new heights.

Assignment Brief 8: Design logic systems for the specified requirements.

Designing logic systems is a crucial part of creating any functional and efficient software or hardware. The requirements specified for the logic system must be carefully analyzed, and the design should be well thought out to ensure that it meets all the necessary specifications. Professionals with extensive experience in the logic design must be called in to create a system that can run smoothly, produce accurate outputs, and effectively process inputs.

This requires the ability to carefully navigate through complex data and evaluate various possibilities that may arise while designing. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or academic purposes, creating a robust and reliable logic system is a critical step in any successful project.

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