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FIN571 Compliance Regulations and the Regulatory Environment Assignment Sample SUSS,SG

FIN571 Compliance Regulations and the Regulatory Environment Assignment Sample SUSS,SG

In this sample, we shall be going through the learning the SUSS course FIN571 Compliance, Regulations, and the Regulatory Environment. As such, it is quite a sought-after and preferred major in Singapore.

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Therefore, we shall be having an overview of the course. This will help us understand the scope of the same. Later on, we shall be looking at the learning outcome of this course, which is the main focus of ours.

Moving on, these are, as mentioned below:

FIN571 Compliance, Regulations and the Regulatory Environment Assessment Answers

FIN571 Compliance, Regulations, and the Regulatory Environment is a level 5 course offered at SUSS. It helps students learn about Singapore’s regulatory environment. In addition to this, it also concerns the MAS or Monetary Authority of Singapore’s approach and roles. 

Moreover, it introduces the major regulations that are applicable to the general majority of financial institutions. As such, the course teaches through an exemplary method. This means that it uses case studies as well as real-world situations faced by compliance officers to teach effectively.

Thus, students are motivated to learn the identification of issues related to the same as well as analyze them. Consequently, students learn to apply this in knowledge in real life to solve issues and provide the best solutions.

Assessment of Singapore financial regulations and role of MAS

This is the main focus of FIN571 Compliance, Regulations, and the Regulatory Environment. It mainly concerns teaching how to assess the main regulation within the financial services industry of Singapore city-state.

Moreover, it also takes a look at the role of MAS of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Plus, its responsibilities as the regulatory authority of Singapore’s financial services as well as the central bank.

Establishing balance and analyzing compliance requirements

As the name suggests, this SUSS course also teaches how to the establishment as well as analyze. As such, it teaches how to find a point of balance between business needs and requirements to compliance.

Draw a balance between business needs and compliance requirements and analyze how different regulatory requirements apply in different situations

Problem Solving

Another major learning outcome of FIN571 is that of problem-solving. It teaches students how to compose solutions that are practical. In addition, these help them address the risk related to compliance once they are identified.

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Risk evaluation

Risk evaluation is another important learning outcome of this SUSS course. This portion helps students evaluate risks related to compliance. In addition to this, it also helps them evaluate the same in several different situations.

Application of acquired knowledge

FIN571 Compliance, Regulations, and the Regulatory Environment also teach the application of acquired knowledge. As such, it proposes a practical method to stakeholders of firms or concerned organizations.

Moreover, these solutions are determined by applying the knowledge as well as understanding gained through the course cycle. Consequently, it helps determine the best solution.

Balance Formulation

Lastly, this course also teaches students how to formulate solutions for compliance-related issues. In addition to this, it helps them strike a balance between the needs of the business as well as that of compliance.

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