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Engineering Design Principles Sample

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What are the engineering design principles?

Engineering design principles are introduced to professional engineers and engineering students about the principles of good engineering design.

A good design is a fundamental expectation to manufacture commercial products successfully.It encompasses communication technical ability and creativity at all levels.

To date, there is no single defined answer to produce a well-designed product. However, there are tried and tested methods and principles which if followed completely increases the success factor of the final product.

Principles of engineering design

A good engineering design principles consists of various steps such as

  • ¬†Problem identification– in this step engineers observe the problems and ask questions like what is the problem, why is it significant to solve it and who has the problem, what are the requirements of the project, what is the goal, what are the limitations and what are we trying to accomplish?

Engineers ask such critical questions when they want to create something whether it can be a smartphone or a bicycle or anything else. The focus is on identifying the constraints and needs.

It includes the main steps

  • Establish and identify the need
  • Developing a problem statement
  • Establish success criteria

For example, in automobile airbag inflation, the company faced a high rate of the failure rate of airbag inflation. Engineers re-examined the problem and fixed it, by raising the consistency in the tightness of the bag.

  • Creativity– this step will include talking to specialties and people of different backgrounds to assist with the research of solutions and products already existing for what new technologies might be adapted according to the needs. Learning from the experiences of the other and doing background research to avoid mistakes that were already made in the past.

Searching for alternative information resources on the internet, in journals, in the electronic catalog, or in scientific encyclopedias.

  • ¬†Concept selection– one of the best methods to select the design requirement is to analyze a similar example of the existing product. Good designers try their best to generate many possible solutions and alternatives. The design solutions analysis depends on
  • Compliance and regulatory
  • Market and economic analysis
  • Product liability and safety
  • Testability and manufacturability
  • Mechanical and strength analysis
  • Functional analysis

For example, the invention of the ballpoint pen was to remove the problem of messiness and refilling of the fountain pen.

  • Modeling– after having many solutions, look at each possible solution whether it meets the design requirements. Reject solutions that are not needed in your project. Make a plan to move forward with one solution after revisiting the research constraints and needs done in earlier steps. Continuous improvement and refinement of a solution through the entire design process even after a product is shipped to the customer.

For example, the early model of the Intel Pentium microprocessor was not able to operate at high speed because of overheating. So engineers figured out ways to eliminate the excess heat.

  • Design management– it involves building a prototype. A prototype is said to be the operating version of the final solution. It allows engineers to test how the final solution will work. It verifies whether the selected design will meet the set objectives.

For example, a new aircraft would be tested first as a scale model by the test pilots by flying the prototype under real conditions.

Only after testing all the unusual and expected operating conditions the developed prototype is brought into full production.

  • Information gathering– get feedback after communicating the result. Does it solve the required need? Does it work? Taught and analyzed what worked and what didn’t and what all could be improved. Re-design your solution if needed. Make revisions. Iterate the design and make it the best product in the market. Professional engineers always document their solutions so that they can be used for future purposes.

For documentation, you can use visual materials, charts, graph presentations, and computer-generated animations or videos.


After going through the engineering design process, we can see its importance. It emphasizes open-ended problem-solving methods and encourages students to acquire knowledge from failure. The process of engineering design nurtures students’ ability to learn and create innovative solutions when facing any challenges. It includes systematic steps in defining, producing, and planning a product. Every organization should follow such steps as it allows it to be focused, transparent, and efficient in creating the best possible product.

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