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BUS 556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations SUSS Assignment

BUS 556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations SUSS Assignment

In this sample, we shall be looking at the BUS556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations SUSS offers. SUSS refers to the Singapore University of Social science. This is a level five course that holds 2.5 credit units. All in All, this is quite a popular and sought-after course.

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This begs the question. What does this course teach? Well, basically it covers the field of trending technologies as well as business innovations related to it. As such it teaches students to use these new technologies to help businesses grow and gain a competitive advantage. This is especially important in today’s competitive market.

Moreover, this course covers several new technologies. For instance, 3D Printing, Ambient Technology, Business Analytics, and Cloud Computing. In addition to this, the course also concerns Paradigms like Gamification and Smart Cities.

Moving on, this course covers several different topics. Some of these are, as mentioned here: Technology, Innovation, and Business Competitiveness, Technology, Innovation, and Business Competitiveness, Design Thinking, Managing Innovation Ambidexterity, and so on.

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Regardless, there are several learning outcomes of this course. We shall be looking at them in the next section. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

Learning outcomes BUS556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations

BUS 556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations is quite a remarkable and advanced course. As such, it covers several different topics. Consequently, it has many important learning outcomes. We shall be discussing all of these here. Therefore, without further adieu, these are, as mentioned below:

Does Prioritizing the use of technological innovation for business provide a competitive advantage?

Technologies can quite a useful tool for businesses. In fact, these technologies along with business innovation methods to gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, students enrolled in BUS 556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations are taught just the same.

Moreover, they learn how to prioritize the use of different technological innovation methods. This is aimed towards providing the business competitive advantage.

How to Critique the various concepts and practices of innovation?

In order to improve and innovate concepts and practices critiquing is used. Thus, SUSS  teaches students to critique the various concepts related to business innovation.

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Explain Appraisal of  the various paradigms for technology-enabled business innovation

This is another important learning outcome of this course. As we knew that understanding the different technology-enabled business innovations is very important. As such, it the main goal of this course.

Moreover, SUSS teaches students how to appraise the different paradigms. This mainly concerns the technologies that are focused on business innovation.

How to Propose ways for technological harnessing for business innovation?

Lastly, we all understand the importance of proposing new ideas to play business innovation. In other words, proposing is important business innovation. In addition to this, people in this field have to propose new methods to use technologies.

Therefore, SUSS teaches students enrolled in  BUS 556 Emerging Technologies and Business Innovations, how to propose different methods through which they can harness technologies and move the business towards innovation.

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