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Blockchain Security and Privacy FIN 553 Sample Assignment SUSS, Singapore

Blockchain Security and Privacy FIN 553 Sample Assignment SUSS, Singapore

Here, we shall be discussing the course “Blockchain Security and Privacy (FIN 553)”. It is one of the most sought-after courses offered by SUSS or the Singapore university of social science. As such, it commences every July. Plus, it is a level 5 course that holds five credit units as well.

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Apart from this, numerous local and international students apply to this course each year. Reason being that FIN553 Blockchain security and privacy make a forte of realities wellbeing and cryptography procedures fundamental to fintech and blockchain innovation.

Furthermore, It also talks about records uprightness and classification wellbeing techniques, public-key foundation, shared assurance. Plus organization security, gain admission to power styles, and better cryptographic procedures than offer client protection.

Students will find approaches to utilize open inventory assurance programming programs. This includes Cryptool, GNU privateness watch, and the Python bundle for cryptography to a muddled degree.

Moreover, The course examinations exceptional security thoughts and analyzes how cryptographic techniques are utilized to acknowledge unmistakable assurance objectives.

It at that point takes a gander at how the homes of comfortable cryptographic trademark procedures can be utilized to protect measurements honesty, verification. Plus, individual privateness in blockchain and fintech bundles, and assesses the possibility of the convention format.

Nevertheless, this course covers several different topics. Some of these are, as mentioned below: Hash function, Digital signature. Peer-to-peer and network security: attacks and defense, User privacy and identity, among others.

Moving on, we shall be looking at the learning outcomes of this course in the next section. Therefore, without further adieu:

Learning outcome of Blockchain Security and Privacy (FIN 553)

As we read, there are several topics covered within this course. Consequently, there are a number of learning outcomes associated with the same. As such, learning outcomes are one of the most important aspects of this course. It translates to skills as well as specific knowledge acquired by students through the spell of course.

In this section of the sample assessment, we shall be discussing these learning outcomes. These are, as mentioned below:

What is meant by appraisal in blockchain systems?

This course greatly concerns blockchain security as well as privacy. For that reason, students here are taught to appraise the same.As such, they learn how to appraise security objectives as well as threat models. In addition to this, they are also introduced to the defense mechanism in a blockchain system.

How can you assess the different cryptographic techniques used in blockchain?

In this field, there are different cryptographic techniques that are being used. Therefore, students enrolled in Blockchain Security and Privacy (FIN 553), are taught just the same. They learn how to conduct an assessment of different cryptographic techniques. thus, it helps them learn how to secure distributed ledger technology.

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Describe the peer-to-peer and network security related to blockchain.

Peer-to-peer, as well as network security, is an important part of this course. That’s why students are taught to Appraise peer-to-peer and network security and relate it to blockchain applications. This learning outcome has several real-life applications.

Describe how user privacy existing blockchain

Lastly, students learn to Evaluate the need for user privacy and criticize how user privacy is provided in existing blockchain and fintech applications.

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