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MGT553 Leadership in Service Innovation Sample Assignment SUSS

MGT553 Leadership in Service Innovation Sample Assignment SUSS

We shall be looking at one of the most famous and renowned courses offered by the Singapore University of Social Science. This course is MGT553 Leadership in Service Innovation. As such,  it is sought-after by local as well as international students. It is a level five course that also holds 2.5 credit units.

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Moreover, In an inexorably unpredictable, uncertain, perplexing, and equivocal business climate, firms need to zero in on initiative, development, client experience, and administration greatness to profit a forceful benefit. This course analyzes great practices in big business authority, development, supplier control, and supporter experience design.

As such this covers several important topics. Some of these are, as mentioned below: Customer Experience Foundations, Value Creation in Service, Principles of Service Innovation, Service Design Thinking, Crafting a Service Innovation Culture, and Service Interaction in a Digital World.

Moving on, we shall be discussing the learning outcomes of this course in the next section of the sample assignment. Therefore, without further adieu:

Learning outcome of MGT553 Leadership in Service Innovation

As we read above, this course covers a vast area as well as several topics. Consequently, it has several learning outcomes too. In this section of the sample assignment, we shall be looking at these learning outcomes. We will be looking at each in detail. therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

Describe the process of designing a customer journey map

A customer journey map is an important part of service. In addition to this, students also need to understand the technology behind it. For it helps them transform the customer experience. For that reason, This SUSS course teaches students the same.

Therefore, students learn how to create a map for the customer journeys. Plus, they are also taught the role of technology in the same. For it is a major factor in improving the customer experience.

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What is meant by appraising key elements of value co-creation?

This is one of the most important learning outcomes of MGT553 Leadership in Service Innovation. As such, it discusses an important concept of this field. This is value co-creation and the importance of the service ecosystem.

For that reason, students in SUSS learn how to appraise value co-creation as well as its major aspects. In addition to this, they are also introduced to the service ecosystem’s importance.

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Explain the importance of service design thinking principles, processes, methods, and tools in the design

Service design thinking holds great importance in this field and it has several different aspects. In addition to this, its aspects are used in creating and providing service innovation.

Therefore, students are taught to Prioritize the importance of service design thinking principles, processes, methods, and tools. They also learn the use of the following in the design and delivery of service innovation in sustainable service experiences

How can one use blended approaches to enhance service interaction?

Lastly, recommending or suggesting different blended approaches is an important part of this course. That’s why students learn the same. In addition to this, recommending merging and advanced technologies is also included.

This includes several different aspects. For instance, it includes the likes of artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual realities, and so on. Consequently, These are used to improve service interaction between sectors.

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