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MGT554 Customer Experience Management SUSS Assessment Example

MGT554 Customer Experience Management SUSS Assessment Example

Here, we shall be looking at the MGT554 Customer Experience Management offered by the Singapore university of social science. As such, it is a level 5 course as well as 2.5 credit units. It is available to students in begging of each semester.

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Creating convincing customer audits is a reformist way to profit a reasonable upper hand in an undeniably unstable, unsure, intricate, and vague business environmental factor.

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With the advancement of Industry 4.0 and period interruptions, organizations need to totally perceive their clients so as to supply improved and redid reports. This can develop buyer worth, commitment, and faithfulness. The client appreciates control gives an imaginative strategy. This helps to assess, make and analyze hierarchical broad techniques identified with client contemplates.

This bearing looks at the norms and methodologies of purchaser appreciate control. This course will find approaches to create a customer experience innovative and perceptive diagram, build a supporter-driven lifestyle, lead client experience research, modify an experience planning material. Plus, it also concerns degree customer reports. Lastly, it also includes developing a significant business case for an organization’s benefactor experience drives through narrating.

With the utilization of genuine worldwide organizations and contextual investigations. The course gives a palms-on way to deal with start and control start to finish customer appreciate improvement drives.

Moreover, this course covers several important topics. For instance, it includes Crafting a Customer Experience Vision Blueprint,  Building a Customer-Centric Culture, Measuring Customer Experience,  among others. Moving on, we shall be looking at the learning outcomes of this course in the next section of the example assessment.

Learning outcome of MGT554 Customer Experience Management

In this section of the example assessment, we shall look at the important learning outcome of MGT554 Customer Experience Management. We shall we looking at all of these learning outcomes in detail. Thus, these are, as mentioned below:

Explain the Appraisal of customer experience management concepts and strategies

Customer experience management is quite a vast and important part of this course. Therefore, MGT554 Customer Experience Management teaches students to Appraise the different concepts and strategies. These are related to business customer experience management.

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How do you solve a customer experience challenge?

As we all know, there are several challenges faced related to customer experience. In order to solve these issues, a very well-placed plan is required. For that reason, SUSS students learn to design a research plan. This plan is aimed at solving the challenges related to customer experience.

What do you mean by assembling and managing end-to-end customer experience?

Students enrolled in MGT554 Customer Experience Management learn how to assemble as well as manage the project aimed at customer experience improvement. In addition to this, it is usually an end-to-end project. This helps them, improve the overall Customer Experience.

Describe the Formulation and implementation of service innovation culture

Lastly, Students of SUSS learn to formulate as well as implement a culture aimed at service innovation. This is implemented in their respective organization. moreover, this helps them improve their customer experience.

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