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LM9001 Malay language level 1 NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Malay language level 1module presents an introduction and knowledge of the Malay language. In the NTU LM9001 course, students will learn essential vocabulary and the basic grammar of this language.

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The LM9001 Malay language level 1 module Learning upshots

The Malay language level 1 course is taken by undergraduate students as an unrestricted elective (UE).

By the end of the NTU LM9001 curriculum as a student, you would be able to

1. Discuss, explain, and identify the main ideas in listening and reading passages

The emphasis and focus of LM9001 notes are using the Malay language practically in different situations at the everyday level of communication.

2. Deploy vocabulary related to the parts and theme of daily routine family greetings and the body in Malay

The NTU Malay language level 1 lecture tutorials would consist of learning the language through daily routine activities such as greeting the family.

3. Engage in a conversation and short discussion in Malay

Through LM9001 class participation and discussion from their classmates, students are engaged in conversation related to the Malay language. The content will cover various linguistic aspects such as semantics, syntax, morphology, and phonology.

4. Write a small description in Malay about your hobbies, friends, and family

  • To enhance your writing skills you would be provided with a Malay language level 1 assignment on family topics such as family, hobbies, and friends.
  • The curriculum would be an advantage to the students who want to work in a Singaporean company or study here.

5. Compare and contrast the cultural practices of Malay with your own

  • The NTU LM9001 syllabus content is specially designed to introduce to the students some aspects of Malay religious, cultural, and social practices through the use of a workbook, exercises, and textbook provided in the course materials.
  • This module is beneficial for the students who are interested in the Malay culture and language but have no prerequisite knowledge on this.

6. You will learn fundamental language skills and the basics of Malay

The Malay language level 1 tutorial aims to equip students in speaking, writing, reading, and listening to the Malay language. We can use these four language skills at a basic level.

Instructors will adopt a learner-centric approach to teaching by organizing various online activities and classroom discussions.

7. Candidates would be able to Speak, Write, read, and listen in the Malay language

The LM9001 syllabus will focus on the very well known four communication skills such as read, write, speak, and listen in this language. The content will also consider lexico-grammar through which students would learn through identifying characteristics and patterns.

8. It aims to express everyday expressions on the things that are closer to the students

The Malay language level 1 content of the course will progress from easier to the difficult aspects of the Malay language. You will be required to pronounce and learn everyday activities in this language.

9. You will have a delightful experience in learning the Singapore national language

Group work, pair work, role play, and exercises are a popular and interactive way of teaching. To make it more fun the class activities would be incorporated by quizzes and games.

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