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EE8093 Energy devices for Sustainable Urban Environment NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) EE8093 module will cover an introduction to the energy devices, its sustainability Concept for the urban environment. The energy devices for the sustainable urban environment will further focus on the basic applications and operating principles of different sustainable energy devices.

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The EE8093 energy devices for sustainable urban environment module Intended learning objectives

The NTU energy devices for the sustainable urban environment course is a GER elective optional available in semester 2 and comprises 3 academic units.

After the completion of the EE8093 module, students shall be able to understand the following:

1. Explain the sustainability concepts, current energy issues, and the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources, and their role in the urban environment.

In the energy devices for sustainable urban environment discipline, learners will learn about sustainability concepts, recent advances in research of energy devices, other renewable energy devices, and sources.

2. Describing the renewable energy sources and their potential, and to list out its harvesting method by the corresponding energy conversion devices.

Candidates would study various renewable energy storage devices such as electrochemical devices, thermoelectric devices, and photovoltaic devices in the NTU EE8093 notes.

3. Explaining key factors by which the performance of solar cell get affected and it’s working principle

Here in the energy devices for sustainable urban environment ntu subject, we will discuss the photovoltaic devices that are used for the conversion of solar energy

4. Study the electrical characteristics and similar associated parameters of a solar cell

The EE8093 ntu classroom discussion will consist of feedback on the characteristics and parameters of a solar cell. Candidates would gain in-depth knowledge of solar cells by doing assignments on such topics.

5. Explain and identify the processing methods, structures, and materials of thin-film solar cells and crystalline solar cells

The solutions from quiz questions related to solar cells would be discussed in the classroom through the interactive section. The key concepts of solar cells will be Re-emphasized and the common errors made by the Scholars would be pointed out.

6. Describe the photovoltaic power generating system and to identify its components

In the energy devices for sustainable urban environment module, candidates would be given ample opportunities to clear their doubts by asking questions on renewable energy devices like photovoltaic power generating systems

7. Analyse and study the Calculation and operation of the efficiency of wind turbines and thermoelectric devices

In this EE8093 lecture notes, we will learn about thermoelectric devices that are used for harvesting thermal energy and wind turbines that are used to harvest wind energy.

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8. Apply the theories and learned knowledge to real problems like heat vs. sunlight

Students will get to improve their learning experience by applying the knowledge and theories learned in the energy devices for sustainable urban environment course to the real-life problems

9. Describe the significant role in a modern power system of energy storage and discussing the renewable energy sources and their pros and cons

This NTU module will also allow students to get introduced to the Future forecasting of the energy market and its current trends.

10. Identify the differentiation between batteries and super-capacitors, their usages, their pros and cons

The energy devices for sustainable urban environment classroom lecture will consist of making notes on the super-capacitors and batteries

11. Analyse and study the energy storage mechanism in batteries and super-capacitors

The demonstration and discussion of complex topics like super-capacitors would be done in the class and detailed feedback would be provided to the students during this EE8093 ntu field.

12. To specifically calculate the energy stored in batteries and super-capacitors

Students are expected to apply their mathematical knowledge in calculating and solving the energy stored related problems asked in a relation to super-capacitors and batteries in the EE8093 energy devices for sustainable urban environment final exams.

13. Design and analyze super-capacitor packs and battery in electric transportation

Students are expected to submit all homework assignments by the due date that may comprise of analysis of energy devices in electric transportation

14. Describe the power grid system and study its Basic concept consisting of energy storage devices and renewable energy devices.

To enhance the knowledge of battery Technology, smart Power Grid, capacitor Technology by participating in all the activities, discussions, and lectures in the classroom.

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