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FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards- SUSS Assignment Sample

None other than the well-known and leading Singapore University of Social Sciences can provide as much courses and programs in Singapore. FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards is one of the courses which Singaporean students opt for their higher studies.

Along with this course, there are numerous courses and programs at SUSS university. It provides course works in various domains like science and technology, computer science, engineering,  psychology, and hospitality etc. It also provides management courses including project management, human resource management, marketing, accounting and finance, healthcare management, construction management etc. Somehow the FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards course is a subtopic under construction management.

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Objective of FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards Course

The main objective of the FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards course is to enlighten the Singaporean students with the essential knowledge of legislative requirements on the environmental sustainability for buildings of Singapore. The FMT311 course is an important part of practical life as well. This course makes the students aware of the green building assessment tools and their role in promoting the expansion of the green building.

Important factors why students should learn the FMT311 course: –

  • Students will know how the Green Building provides better health for building occupants
  • Green Building Assessment focuses on improving construction, design, maintenance, operation, and extraction of waste material
  • Green building principles intent to address a major issue i.e. energy consumption

These all are vital parts for a healthy and efficient building and necessary to be known by people. To make the students aware of all these, SUSS University attached FMT311 course in the education curriculum for the students.

Structure of FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards Course

The FMT311 SUSS course introduces the students with the green building and assessment tools, statutory requirements for green buildings, different criteria and laws for interiors and design constructions etc.

This course also informs about the Green Mark Criteria for the interior of an office, Green Mark Criteria for the new buildings and existing ones. in addition to that, the SUSS FMT311 course teaches the students how to deal with the Submission procedures and certification requirements.

Students will also get a general idea of the LEED certification process and many other international green building assessment systems like Green Star (Australia), CASBEE (Japan) & BREEAM (UK).

General topics of the FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards Course are as follows: –

  • The Triple Bottom-line
  • The business case for Green Buildings
  • Regulatory Framework for Environmental Sustainability of Buildings
  • Inter-ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development and BCA 2nd Green Mark Masterplan
  • Understanding the Code of Environmental Sustainability for New and Existing Buildings
  • Green Mark Criteria – Environmental Protection, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Efficiency & Other Green Features
  • Submission Procedures
  • LEED(US) Certification Process- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • Green Mark e-filing System
  • Green Star (Australia)
  • CASBEE(Japan)

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These are some general topics of the FMT311 course which are the significant part of the course and essential for the students to learn and understand clearly. Apart from these, students also need to do one more thing which consists of multiple things within. That one thing is Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) coupled with the class quiz. The TMA plays a vital role in the mark sheet of every individual student as it carries a substantial weightage in the course’s final exam result.

Educational Upshots of FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards Course

Singaporean students learn a lot from FMT311 Green Building Assessment Standards Course which will be helpful for their exams as well as in the practical life as well.

The students will understand the 4 main criteria that are important for increasing the efficiency of a green building-

  1. Energy
  2. Material
  3. Health
  4. Water.

Also, there are other important facts and concepts that the students get a clear understanding of. These are as follows: –

  • Illustrate the knowledge of legislative requirements on Environmental Sustainability for buildings in Singapore
  • Analyse the submission procedures and requirements for certification
  • Examine and distinguish different Green Building certifications
  • Refer Green Mark Criteria and determine the Green Mark scores for new and existing buildings
  • Systemize the file works of Green Mark or other Green Building applications

All the above outstanding outcomes don’t look bright with the fading marks in the mark sheet of the course result.

These shining marks can only be obtained through hard work and focused studies. But there is also an opportunity for the students to gain some portion of marks easily which is the FMT311 SUSS assignment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is green building?

Ans. Green building can be defined as sustainable or high-performance building.

Green building is the practice of-

  • Increasing the efficiency of major factors used- energy, material, water
  • Taking care of human health and environment for the entire building life cycle- design, siting, construction, maintenance, operation, renovation, and deconstruction.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Green Building?

Ans. There are various advantages and some significantly less but crucial disadvantages of green building.

Advantages of Green Building are as follows: –

  1. Environmental Benefits
  2. Water conservation
  3. Waste reduction
  4. Reduction of emissions
  5. Low utility bills
  6. Social benefits
  7. Natural Environment’s Preservation
  8. Reduced localized flooding
  9. Economic benefits
  10. Improvement in health of the occupant

Disadvantages of Green Building are as follows: –

  1. Location factor
  2. Initial cost
  3. Hard to get funding from the bank for the project
  4. Material Availability
  5. Time scale

Q3. What is BREEAM?

Ans. BREEAM is the acronym for “BRE Environmental Assessment Method”.

BREEAM is an environmental assessment method which is at the top leading and the most widely used for buildings. It establishes a standard for the best practice in sustainable design. It has become a primary measure to determine the building’s environmental performance.

Q4. What is LEED?

Ans. LEED is the abbreviation of “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”.

It is a green building scheme for spreading awareness about what a green building is, benefits of green building and a way to create some competition of green building in the market.

Q5. Do you also help with the exam papers for the course?

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