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FIN303 Financial Management- SUSS Assignment Sample

With the rapidly running time, the businesses and organizations are also promptly expanding while employing new technologies. These all enterprises need to maintain proper management of their financial activities while taking care of the principles of managerial economics as well as managing operations decently. In order to manage all the financial operations in an appropriate manner, one should be knowledgeable in that field which can only happen by opting a relevant course. Therefore, to make the Singaporean students efficient enough to manage the financial assets of a business, the Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a relevant course namely FIN303 Financial Management.

Knowledge of financial management helps the manager to deal with any type of issues regarding money, risks, operating activities or cash flow. It becomes easy for one to evaluate the financial statement analysis of the organization. In addition to the in-depth knowledge, the FIN303 course also provides the students with distinct assignments like financial management assignments, personal finance assignment, FIN303 SUSS assignments etc.

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Intent of FIN303 Financial Management Course

Financial management is one of the core essential operations in of any entity, organization or business to help make business decisions. The main objective of the FIN303 Financial Management course is to give an overview of the different processes including planning, organizing directing, and controlling the financial activities to the Singaporean students.

The SUSS FIN303 Financial Management course introduces the students with the basic notion in finance like time value of money and risk. FIN303 course aims to prepare the students to apply those concepts to value financial assets to take effective decisions for the business.

The intent of FIN303 Financial Management course is to enable the undergrads to make decisions on the long-term expenditures of a firm and determine how to finance them. It also develops them to manage the firm’s short-term operating activities too.

This course also emphasizes core information of relevant course like FIN365 Financial Statement AnalysisSelected Topics in Finance FIN363FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy, and FIN353 Portfolio Management etc.

Introduction to Financial Management

Financial management is a process which deals with the management of different financial activities such as procurement and makes effective use of funds or investments of the enterprise. The management process financial activities include different steps like planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

Basically, financial management is the heart of any business. It is the domain of decision making and correlates with the individual idea as well as business goals.

Course Structure of SUSS FIN303 Financial Management

The FIN303 Financial Management course gives an in-depth analysis of the financial activities and fundamentals of assets management. This course teaches the undergraduates with the abstract study of the finance sector and the theories and practices of financial management.

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The SUSS FIN303 course also focuses on creating the shareholder value as a coalescing principle for the gross business finance decisions.

Following are the central topic of FIN303 Financial Management course: –

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Share Valuation
  • Bond Valuation
  • Cost of Capital
  • Risk and Return
  • Evaluation of project
  • Project cash flow estimation
  • Working Capital Management
  • Capital Structure Decision
  • Dividend Policy
  • Cash Budgeting

Besides the fantastic topics, to pass the SUSS FIN303 course students need to score well in exams in order to explore in the scope of financial management. Along with getting familiar with the nature of financial management, students also have to complete the FIN303 SUSS assessment samples with uniqueness.

Educational Upshots of FIN303 Financial Management Course

The FIN303 Financial Management course let the students understand the importance of accounting and finance for managers as well as make them capable of doing financial analysis. The students will become efficient enough to handle the business activities or take financial decisions fulfilling the objectives of financial management.

These are some gorgeous learning outcomes of SUSS FIN303 course: –

  • Examine the financial situation and presentation of a business
  • Assess financial assets value
  • Evaluate capital cost
  • Discern different capital structures and dividend policies
  • Contrast between various techniques of project evaluation
  • Produce a cash budget and prepare a short-term financial plan
  • Determine the value of a stream of cash flows
  • Resolve issues in business finance by using spreadsheet software
  • Discuss on basic financial concepts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Financial managers are of what different types?

Ans. Financial managers are of following types: –

  • Cash manager
  • Credit manager
  • Chief financial officer
  • Branch manager
  • Controllers
  • Risk and Insurance manager
  • Treasury and finance manager

Q2. What are the objectives of financial management?

Ans. The main objectives/ reasons why the firms implement financial management strategies to grow their business: –

  • Profit Maximization
  • Proper mobilization of finance
  • Lowers cost of capital
  • Proper coordination
  • The company’s survival
  • Risk management

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