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LOG202 Managing Operations- SUSS Assignment Sample

Operations management has always been an important part of running a business effectively. Every business/ organizations have various operations i.e. certain ways to transform inputs into goods and & services including manufacturing products or offering services which eventually delivers value to its customers. With an aim to familiarize the Singaporean students with the basics of managing these operations of a business to meet the business goals, the Singapore University of Social Sciences offers LOG202 Managing Operations course.

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Objective of LOG202 Managing Operations Course

The LOG202 Managing Operations course is introduced in the education curriculum of the Singapore universities to make the students aware of the various operational processes of a business and the importance of their management.

This course aims to educate the students with an understanding of the importance of the business operations which add value for the customers. Singaporean students will get to understand the overall management of all the operations. SUSS LOG202 course focuses on training the undergraduate with the key approaches to operations management. They will get a complete overview of the importance of operations management.

The LOG202 SUSS course enables the candidates to examine the goods and services that as well as the processes which create them; the regular management of these processes; and also keeping in mind to make persistent improvements in the good, services and the processes effectively to fulfil the customer’s expectations and needs.

The operational management, being the administration of business practices, acquire the maximum possible efficiency within an organization similarly, the SUSS LOG202 course also focuses on the students to get the highest level of aggregates in the course result. Thus, the students are provided with different university assignments which help them to score well in the final result.

What is Operations Management?

Operations management is a part of management which deals with managing different operations processes including planning, organizing, & supervision of processes and take essential decisions to ensure maximum efficiency and improvements to boost profitability. It includes resources from staff, equipment, materials, & technologies with an aim to convert those inputs into effective outputs which resulting in improvement of efficiency of business on a regular as well as a strategic level within an organization.

The day-to-day adjustments in the operations must have to support the firm’s strategic goals so a deep analysis and measurement of the on-going processes are done before those changes.

The one who understands and able to coordinate the work of a company can surely become a successful operations manager.

Insight of LOG202 Managing Operations Course

Production and delivery of goods and services to the customers need managerial capacities and a robust system of intertwined facilities and processes. As the demands of the customers are volatile, market environments keep changing, swift advancement in technologies and competition in a global context, they make the operations management process a challenge.

The LOG202 Managing Operations course includes various topics which give the students understanding of prestige of operations which play a vital role in improving the efficiency and obtaining maximum output along with delivering value to its customers.

Operations manufacture products, manage quality and beget service. Managing operations concerns with various sectors such as companies, hospitals, banking systems, working with customers, suppliers, and utilizing technologies. Along with the marketing, human resource, finance and supply chains, operations is also one of the primary functions in an organization. Also, it takes care of applying every decision satisfying the managerial economics concepts. The SUSS LOG202 course involves all these information and management of operations function including day-to-day as well as strategic production of goods and services.

Along with acquiring the managerial skills for operations, the LOG202 Managing Operations course also includes diverse assignments namely TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and Group-Based Assignment. These FMT202 SUSS assignments coupled with some pre-course quizzes holds 50% weightage in the LOG202 course result. Therefore, the undergrads must have to complete them on time and submit them by the deadline.

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SUSS LOG202 Managing Operations Course Topics

As it is being discussed from the very starting, that SUSS LOG202 Managing Operations course contains the valuable knowledge and information related to managing the operations of any business/ organization, it consists of various topics and formula to help the students understand all the concepts mentioned within the course.

These are the following core topics which are important to learn at primary level in LOG202 SUSS course: –

  • Operations Management and Value Chains
  • Measuring Performance in Operations and Value Chains
  • Designing of Goods and Service
  • Process Selection, Design and Analysis
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Management of Resources
  • Capacity Management
  • Managing Inventories in Supply Chains
  • SPS and Quality Control
  • Lean Operating Systems
  • Operations Strategy
  • Technology and Operations Management

After learning those great topics in the course, the students also need to show their understanding and talent through the most common process of examining i.e. SUSS assignments and quizzes.

The students get various business management assignments, operation management assignments, case study assignments etc. which they have to finish within a given time limit. Although the assignments are not too tough to do due to hectic schedule, the students do not get enough tie to do deep research and read typical operations management book and make efforts in doing assignment following the specified instructions.

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Learning Outcomes of LOG202 Managing Operations SUSS Course

The LOG202 course trains the Singaporean students with the great knowledge of managing the business operations which helps in governing an organization. They learn to apply the managerial strategies to give an appropriate input with as minimum possible of the resources and obtain a maximum efficient output which satisfies the customer’s requirements.

Here are some of the great learning outcomes of the LOG202 Managing Operations course: –

  • Illustrate the functions of operations management in enhancing the organisation’s output including the creating and delivering value to its customers
  • Explain how goods, services and processes can be designed for improving the value
  • Discuss how can an organization gain a competitive advantage using operations strategy and technology
  • Employ the strategies and operations management techniques to prognosticate the demand for goods and services along with the allocation of resources to address the needs
  • Examine the issues concerning capacity and inventory management
  • Abstract the ways to improve quality control in goods and services together with ensuring lean operating system

As tea without tea leaves and only sugar would do nothing, similarly course result without good grades and the sweet cum great outcomes would do nothing.

The outcomes will be only beneficial in practical life when you will have a degree with amazing grades in that. In order to score well in the course result, you need to finish all the assignments given in the LOG202 SUSS course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the key points of managing operations?

Ans. The main key points of managing operations are as follows: –

  • The operations management modifies inputs (equipment, building, labour, materials, capital, land, & information) into effective outputs (goods and services) which contribute added value to customers.
  • Operations management aims to maximize the efficiency of the business while producing effective goods and service which can meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.
  • Any organization have three strategic functions and operations is one of them.
  • The decisions taken by operations management are always strategic in nature. In simple words, those decisions have long term impact and often entail a good business of expense and resource commitments.

Q2. What are some ways to manage operations effectively?

Ans. Here are some ways of effective operations management: –

  • Standardize the process and bring it out
  • Utilize resources effectively
  • Keep the material moving
  • Maintain a simple process
  • Shield against variability
  • Don’t enamour of technology
  • Oversee the supply chain
  • Improve quality
  • Opt for lean process methodology

Q3. What are the necessary skills should an operations manager possess?

Ans. The primary skills required to perform such challengeable work of managing operations is as sundry as the function itself.

The necessary skills are: –

  • Understanding of process/ Analytic Capabilities
  • People Skills
  • Tech Savviness
  • Organizational Abilities
  • Coordination of Processes
  • Strong Negotiation Skills
  • Creativity etc.

Q4. Is LOG202 Managing Operations course a part-time or full-time and how long is it in terms of duration?

Ans. The SUSS LOG202 Managing Operations course is available in both modes i.e. part-time as well as full-time. This LOG202 course is a Modular Undergraduate Course of 6 months duration.

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