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Persuasive Speech Topics

This page contains a wide list of more than 500 persuasive speech topics ideas for the school or college scholars of Singapore. This is the best place to find the good, informative and controversial topic that is based on your interest.

Do not just pick it up randomly but give a proper read so that you can come up with the best. Something that interests you and knowing well about it can make you a better speaker.

Persuasive Speech Topics

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Workplace related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. What protection should be given to labor unions?
  2. What are the reasons to pick up a high paying job rather than a fun job?
  3. What is the significance of office parties?
  4. Is it necessary to give tips in restaurants?
  5. Women prove to be better administrators than men.

Travel related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Tourists and scientists should be banned at Antarctica.
  2. List top 5 reasons to visit Bermuda.
  3. Everyone should fly in the first class at least once in a lifetime.
  4. Should airline decrease its ticket rates?
  5. Every human should support eco-tourism.

Technology related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. What is the need to increase computer literacy?
  2. What is the working of search engines?
  3. What is the role of technology in making life better?
  4. The people stop using libraries because of Google and other search engines.
  5. What is the significance of backing up computer files from time to time?

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Sport-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Should drug tests be necessary for school and professional athletes?
  2. Should there be bike-sharing systems in every city?
  3. There should be equal coverage for female sports in media.
  4. Why there should be a drug test for baseball players before they begin?
  5. Should athletes be paid less?

Society related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Should every city have free wifi for its citizens?
  2. The population growth could be controlled if every family should be restricted to have only two children.
  3. All the schools should make it mandatory for the students to stand for the pledge.
  4. Should older people be awarded free bus rides?
  5. Should larger passengers be obliged to purchase two plane tickets or two movie tickets?

Self-help related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Talking to self can be more beneficial than talking with others.
  2. Art can be used as a relief from stress and can fight with depression.
  3. Never give up; you will definitely win one day.
  4. Hard work and determination are the keys to success.
  5. What is the significance of self-confidence?

Science-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. If theories are not transformed into strategies, they are completely useless.
  2. Everyone should be aware of what is happening in the society and surroundings.
  3. Which one is more preferable between qualitative research and quantitative research?
  4. Does Pluto still be considered a planet?
  5. Is there a need for more scientific advancements?

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Persuasive speech topics on religion 2019:

  1. Are religious cults proving to be hazardous?
  2. What is the importance of teaching world religions in public schools?
  3. Islamic fundamentalism should not be considered as true Islam.
  4. Can women perform well as priests?
  5. What is the reason that Islam is considered a peaceful religion?

Persuasive speech topics on relationships 2019:

  1. The traditional romance works better than the modern one.
  2. Does internet relationships work?
  3. One good friend can change the whole world.
  4. There is a different meaning of love for both men and women.
  5. Every country should allow inter-religious relationships.

Psychology-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Verbal abuse can prove to be more dangerous than physical.
  2. Intelligence comes from the environment rather than from genetics.
  3. Why introverts prove to be the better public speaker?
  4. Can we relate happiness with money?
  5. What is the necessity to love and be loved?

Politics related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Abusive language should be banned in elections.
  2. Central Asian states could become a threat.
  3. Everyone should respect term limits.
  4. What is the significance of a single vote?
  5. Should it be legal for politicians to accept campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists?

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Persuasive speech topics on National security 2019:

  1. What if police carry toy guns instead of actual ones?
  2. Can women take part in military services?
  3. Is it beneficial if police carry firearms?
  4. Does it work to negotiate with terrorists?
  5. Should homosexuals be included in the military?

Music-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Which music is better between rocks and western?
  2. Are horns responsible for noise pollution?
  3. Should MP3 music be made free for everyone?
  4. What are the social benefits of music?
  5. Listening to music can improve your day better.

Motivational persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Prudence can be used as an effort that has the power to convert nonbelievers into believers.
  2. Everyone should have an exact goal in their life and should contribute all the positive energy towards its direction.
  3. How to overcome the stage fear?
  4. How to motivate people to survive a positive and happy life?
  5. Always follow your dreams, no matter how tough is to achieve it.

Persuasive speech topics on Media 2019:

  1. What is the impact of TV violence on a human being?
  2. To what extent we can blame media for the moral deprivation of teens?
  3. It is good to telecast more educational shows on TV.
  4. What is the need to learn photography?
  5. Should we blame media for eating disorders?

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Law-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Should the entry in public parks be banned for known gang members?
  2. Should drink and drive cases to be handled by canceling driver’s license for one year?
  3. People above 65 years of age must give a driver’s test at least twice a year.
  4. Should the cell phone use be banned while driving?
  5. Are illegal immigrants allowed to have a driving license?

Persuasive speech topics on International relations 2019:

  1. Was the Iraq war a mistake?
  2. Do you think that the US should cut off all foreign aids to dictatorships?
  3. Do you think that China will be next superpower?
  4. Should women be permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia?
  5. UN plays a vital role in defusing international crises.

Interesting persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. There is a need for more apprentices in business.
  2. Beauty standards change from time to time.
  3. What is the significance of having medical insurance?
  4. People under 25 years of age not allowed holding credit cards.
  5. School days should have more exercise and less sitting.

Persuasive speech topics 2019 for Teens:

  1. Free time makes teens more stressful.
  2. Who are lazier: Teen girls or boys?
  3. Exchange student program should be opened for all students.
  4. Which jobs are better for teens: weekend or weekdays?
  5. Scary things become the obsession for teens.

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Health-related persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Seat belts give the surety of safer drive.
  2. Should stem cell researchers be able to use cells from aborted babies to help cure diseases?
  3. Fast food should have a label of warning on them.
  4. People should engage in regular exercise for better health.
  5. Are doctors allowed to prescribe contraceptive pills to girls under 16 years of age?

Funny and humorous persuasive speech topics 2019:

  1. Unfit shoes might prove hazardous to health.
  2. Blondes look dumb but they are not.
  3. There is no sense of Argumentative essays.
  4. What is the effectiveness of funny pick up lines?
  5. No one should be friends with moms on Facebook.

Persuasive speech topics on Food and drink 2019:

  1. Is the consumption of organic food good for health?
  2. Genetically modified food should come with a label.
  3. Why is orange juice beneficial for health?
  4. Is the donation of unused foods from supermarkets is legal?
  5. There should be a period of cooking in school.

Easy and simple persuasive speech topics 2019:

These are some of the suggestions from our versatile team of essay writers. Assess them carefully whether they suit you or your target audience. After picking up the optimal persuasive speech topics, follow these instructions carefully:

  • Research intensely.
  • Think about considering all the viewpoints.
  • Consider your target audience.
  • Think about your reliability to the present topic.

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