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Narrative Essay Topics

When the Singapore students are assigned to write a narrative essay, the first thing that strikes their mind is they need to publish their real-life story. But trust me; this is not true at all.

This is the best time to use your thought process and create your own story based on your experiences. Spend enough time to pick an interesting narrative essay topic to generate a leading assignment paper.

Narrative Essay Topics

We understand the fact that you will find the plenty of topic ideas through online mode but trust me, the below-given list made by the best essay writers will prove out to be the best.

Here is the latest updated list of narrative essay topics containing a wide range of topics from personal areas such as imagination, student life, travel, interests, morality, relationships, school years, childhood and experience. 

15 best and outstanding narrative essay topics 2018, 2019:

  1. Do you want a perfect body due to social pressure?
  2. What would I do if I become a billionaire?
  3. What adversity teaches you in your life?
  4. The changes I would like to bring in my life.
  5. Importance of ‘me time’.
  6. Was your first job, your dream job?
  7. Steps of effective time management. Are you good or bad?
  8. What is I could reverse the time?
  9. My first experience with the police.
  10. The weirdest experience of my life.
  11. The qualities that make the difference between your parents and you?
  12. The moment when I countered with my biggest fear.
  13. The hobbies that you got from your family as heredity.
  14. The greatest achievement of your life.
  15. The most day to day routine of your life.

Narrative essay topics for college students based on Imagination:

  1. The superpower of a comic book character that you would like to have.
  2. The time you would like to visit if you become a time machine.
  3. Top 5 things for which you would like to spend your money if you become grubby rich.
  4. The animal into which you would like to transform yourself if you get the power to be an animal.
  5. Which country would you like to prefer if you get a chance to take birth in any other country?
  6. What would you do if you become president?
  7. If you can become a TV actor/ actress, whom you would like to replace?
  8. Pick a random photograph and write the story behind it.
  9. Write the story of the mango tree.
  10. Imagine one day you wake up and you realize that you could speak some other languages too, what you would do in that case?

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Personal Narrative essay topics high school students based on Student life:

  1. Your school life gets impacted by whom?
  2. The exam that proved to be very tiring to you.
  3. The different customs of scholars in school.
  4. Your favorite lecture at a time.
  5. The most depressing thing in the college for you.
  6. The most remembering hangs out of your college life.
  7. The teacher who inspired you the most.
  8. Who was your bench mate at your school or college?
  9. The 5 lies that you mostly used in your school.
  10. The most memorable moment of your student life.

Narrative essay topics based on Travelling story examples:

  1. Your most memorable trip.
  2. Experience when you first went to the countryside.
  3. A visit to a camp with your class fellows. Have you promoted any changes?
  4. The means of traveling that you prefer to travel.
  5. The worst experience of your travel life.
  6. You cannot go on a trip without this.
  7. In your vacation, the place you love to visit.
  8. If you have a huge collection of money, the place you love to visit.
  9. A person with whom you like to travel.
  10. The best place to visit in your town when you are getting bored.

Personal Narrative essay topics for college student based on Interests:

  1. Write your views and interests related to sports.
  2. A movie that you inspired the most. And for what?
  3. A TV celebrity by whom you inspired and want to meet at least once in a lifetime.
  4. A song that touches your heart and becomes your favorite.
  5. If you get a chance to be a book character, which character you would choose?
  6. A skill that you want in you. Why is it?
  7. When and how you came to know about your hidden talent?
  8. If you can connect yourself with a novel character. Who it would be?
  9. A movie that you want to shoot, you got a chance to be a director.
  10. If you want to write a movie story on your family member or friend. Who would it be?

Narrative essay topics based on Morality and religion:

  1. What treatment do you give to the strangers?
  2. A decision of your life that was really tough.
  3. The number of times, you used lies to save yourself from a situation.
  4. Write an incident from your life that is mutinous.
  5. Give an example from your personal life when you dealt with a moral challenge.
  6. How morality affects your life?
  7. Do you have a place for spiritual values in your life?
  8. How Islam rises?
  9. The influence of religion in your life.
  10. Helping the needy make you relaxed. True or false

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Narrative essay topics based on friendship, Relationships, etc:

  1. The person you never want to lose in your life.
  2. Write an incident of a breakup with your friend.
  3. A friend of yours whom you can trust without fears.
  4. The first rejection of your life in any terms.
  5. The first love of your life and it affected you.
  6. The biggest misunderstanding you had with any person.
  7. The most unpleasant dispute you had with your parents.
  8. Do you have the same friend circle since childhood? Or it changed?
  9. A friend of yours who changed and left you.
  10. What is your dad’s role in your moral values or discipline?

Descriptive Narrative essay topic ideas based on School years:

  1. Is there any teacher in your life who is responsible for where you reached today?
  2. The favorite subject of your school life and what made it so?
  3. The teacher, you treat as a role model.
  4. The first time you participated in any school event.
  5. What is the impact of your best friend in your life?
  6. The devastating incident happened in your class.
  7. The teacher of your primary school with whom you are still in touch.
  8. A teacher who treated you as a friend.
  9. What is your greatest achievement in school?
  10. The memorable spot of your school.

Short Narrative essay topics related to Childhood:

  1. Your favorite cartoon shows or character.
  2. An incident when you got injured while playing.
  3. Your favorite craft area when you were young.
  4. A childhood incident that recognizes you with your responsibilities.
  5. Your favorite childhood game or toy.
  6. Share the memorable incidence of any birthday party.
  7. Your favorite TV start during your childhood.
  8. Your favorite chocolate or wafer during childhood.
  9. The most memorable summer vacation experience of childhood.
  10. Do you have any childhood crush? If yes, who?

Latest updated Narrative essay topics based on Experience:

  1. Explain your success story.
  2. The worst incident of your life.
  3. The memorable incident with your family members.
  4. Explain the terrible incident of your life.
  5. An incident by which you learned to be what you are now.
  6. How did you learn the real values of your life?
  7. An incident by which you learned to be grateful for life.
  8. An incident from childhood which taught you the significance of team effort.
  9. The superhero you love during your childhood.
  10. The most usual dream of your childhood.

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