Updated on: 6th Jan 2023

Latest Controversial Debate Topics 2023 For Singapore Students

For Singapore scholars, the debate is the most influential task to show their positive or negative views on any issue.

Keeping aside its importance, many high schools or college level student finds difficulty to prepare thoughtful content for debate. The difficulty and its level may vary according to the level of scholar and his or her mindset.

Choosing an appealing debate topic is the most frequent faced by the trainees. The topic should match up with both your interest and the practical issues of the general audience. So from where the student would debate topic matching all these criteria?

Debate Topics for singapore students

Go nowhere, as we listing below a significant number of topics from a variety of areas that will be definitely beneficial for you a high school, middle school, elementary school and college student of Singapore.

List of debate topics on Adults:

  1. Is it possible to have a booming career and blissful family life together?
  2. Which one is safer between debit cards and credit cards?
  3. What is the adequate age for owning a cell phone?
  4. Are marriages becoming outdated?
  5. Is there any age limit to go for a date?

Current debate topics based on College or university level:

  1. Discuss the fact of using laptops in the classroom.
  2. What are the pros and cons of including sociology in nurse education?
  3. Is it good okay to lower the drinking age?
  4. Does a flourishing depend on a college degree?
  5. Is it beneficial if the student ID card gets attached with a tracking device?

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Controversial debate topics:

  1. Should the death penalty be legalized?
  2. What are views about using animals for checking cosmetic products?
  3. How can you relate to sexual orientation and marriage rights?
  4. Should humans be kept responsible for climate change?
  5. What are the pros and cons of banning bottled water?

Interesting and funny debate topics:

  1. Is pizza the best food on the planet?
  2. Is life possible after death?
  3. What is the role of books on personality development?
  4. What is nuclear energy and what are its effects on society and the environment?
  5. Is a live-in relationship, a permissible act?

Health and medicine related debate topics 2023

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming genetically modified food?
  2. Should smoking be banned?
  3. Antibiotics should only be taken following the prescription of the doctor.
  4. Which one is beneficial for weight loss between weightlifting and cardio?
  5. Cell phone radiation can be the reason for cancer.

Latest debate topics for High school:

  1. Should school authorities be permissible to check student’s lockers?
  2. Does the size of the class matter?
  3. Whether the money to be spent on the improvement of the school’s athletic complex?
  4. What is the importance of arts education?
  5. What are the hazards of peer pressure in school?

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Free list of Media and Entertainment:

  1. Benefits and limitations of attending live concerts.
  2. Which is the better means of entertainment between movies or books
  3. Should action films promote more female superheroes?
  4. How music can be used to fight with stress?
  5. Is there any bad impact of Hollywood movies on the world?

Debate topics for Middle school:

  1. Is it good to grade students on the basis of their handwriting?
  2. Is sewing a necessary art for students?
  3. Should the middle school students be taught with a foreign language?
  4. The methods to keep students engaged in the classrooms.
  5. Should seasonal holidays be increased or decreased?

Elementary school level debate topics:

  1. Should students be allowed anything they want in the school?
  2. Should the schools take their students for a picnic each year?
  3. What is the effect of watching cartoons of students study?
  4. Should the students be allowed to bring toys at school?
  5. Should the classes have a pet in the classroom?

An updated list of debate topic ideas for Undergraduates:

  1. Are curfews the best way to keep teenagers safe?
  2. What are the alternative sources of energy?
  3. Are parents allowed to ban any book from the library?
  4. What are the pros and cons of homosexual schools?
  5. How can we relate drug testing with schools?

New debate topics related to Politics/ legislation:

  1. The major risk to national security.
  2. How can capital punishment work to decrease the pace of violent crimes?
  3. Should there any restrictions to be imposed on free speech?
  4. What do you understand by minimum wage rates?
  5. Is the president allowed to lead for more than two terms?

Few Sport related debate topics:

  1. Is it beneficial to ban animal usage in sports and entertainment?
  2. Are the Olympic Games, a waste of money?
  3. What are the advantages of doing sports in school?
  4. Should contact sports be required in schools?
  5. Which is the most dangerous sport?

Science and Technology based debate topics 2023:

  1. What is the impact of technology on the human mind?
  2. What are the pros and cons of developing genetically modified children?
  3. Does the population problem of earth can be solved by colonizing mars?
  4. A mathematical mindset person can achieve more success than a normal human being. Is it true?
  5. Can we connect the future with unmanned personal vehicles?

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Trending debate topics on Society:

  1. Should the concept of religion be banned to solve many problems in society?
  2. Moral values are mostly based on the nearest group of society.
  3. Should the adoption of children be increased?
  4. What are the ethical side effects of hunting in the current era?
  5. Should the use of cigarettes completely be banned in society?

Debate topics based on Policy and finance:

  1. Is there any benefit of war, economically?
  2. What is the value of a single vote?
  3. Is it beneficial to give the guidance of financial management to children in their schools?
  4. What is the impact of financial problems in the economy of a country?
  5. What do you understand by intellectual property?

Top debate topics on Leisure (music, games etc:)

  1. How does the game influences early education?
  2. Which one is more useful and interesting between books and television?
  3. Concerts are beneficial or not. Explain?
  4. Which one is better between games and television?
  5. Is music prove to be good for pregnant women?

Environment based debate topic ideas:

  1. Should people be paid to save trees?
  2. What are the pros and cons of zoos?
  3. The measures that should be taken to save the environment.
  4. What is vehicle fuel economy standards?
  5. How the cities would look like, after 200 years?

On-demand debate topics on History:

  1. What is the revolutionary war?
  2. Discuss the importance of history.
  3. Different views of a different historian on World War II?
  4. Discuss the historical background of World War II.
  5. Who should give the priority to find the effect of gravitation? Haitham or Newton?

Miscellaneous debate topics:

  1. Is it beneficial to apply freedom of speech amendment over internet communication?
  2. Should skateboard and any look-a-like large roller-skate wheel transportation devices be prohibited on sidewalks?
  3. Are the 50 and above people too old to adopt children?
  4. Are 16-year-old people permissible to get tattoos?
  5. Is there any right to adopted children to know about their biological parents?

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