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Latest Argumentative Essay Topics for Singaporean Students

Writing an Argumentative Essay is a tough nut to crack; you need to forth an argument on a topic, research, and gather the evidence to support the argument and present those arguments in such a way that will convince the reader with your stand. However, selecting a topic is the first step of essay writing. Once you select a topic, conduct and gather the required information and prepare a framework then putting words into the paper by following the structure becomes an easy task.

This kind of essay requires in-depth research; carefully collect the required evidence to persuade the reader with your argument and against them with the opposite stand. Though writing an argumentative essay is a tough task, selecting a topic for your essay is the first hurdle in this procedure.

Latest Argumentative Essay Topics for Singaporean Students

Writing an argumentative essay is the most common assignment given to Singaporean students in their school, college, and university as it gives an opportunity to exhibit their skills and knowledge and give chance to the professors to analyze skills and knowledge.

However, you need to impress your professors with your argumentative essay in order to get top academic grades. And the first step in this procedure is, selecting an ‘o level topic’. Therefore, our professional essay writers have prepared a list of some ideas and topics that you can use for your homework writing to impress your professors.

Topics to write an impressive argumentative essay:

An argumentative essay is the most essay assignment given to Singaporean students and there is a sea of popular writing topics of arguments, one can select any one topic that will impress him the most.

You can select one topic from the below list or you can frame your own topic by composing one or two topics.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School:

Here all argumentative essay topics are given below in question format. that all kind of primary, secondary, college and university students can take idea from these composition topics to compose their essay.

  1. How can teachers punish students effectively?
  2. What is the appropriate age to start dating?
  3. What is the role of school uniform?
  4. Should metal music be banned due to extreme violence?
  5. Do females prefer romantic movies and males prefer fighting movies?
  6. Is it possible to track someone online?
  7. Is the curriculum in school should be focused on critical thinking?
  8. Is home-school is better than conventional schooling?
  9. Is it possible to make friends virtually?
  10. What are the advantages of studies in mental growth?

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Argumentative Essay Topics for High School:

  1. What do you think, should healthcare be free for everyone?
  2. Is plagiarism a serious crime in academics?
  3. Is a higher grade university degree only a path to get success in life?
  4. Is current education in high school is losing its relevance?
  5. What happens once we died?
  6. What are the causes of an increasing number of teenage mother?
  7. Do all religions have rights to exist?
  8. What are the benefits of reading on children’s growth?
  9. Is it fine for parents to physically punish their children?
  10. What are the long-term and short-term effect of punishment on children?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College:

  1. Should prostitution can be a legal career?
  2. Should use of drugs be legalized?
  3. Is it ethical to perform research on an animal?
  4. Do the student’s loan cause hindrance in our country’s economy?
  5. Is any change required in the current taxation system?
  6. Are academic grades should be an indication of students intelligence?
  7. Should homosexual partners be allowed to adopt a child?
  8. Is getting admission in aspiring college become too hard?
  9. What should a country do to prevent illegal immigration?
  10. Recycling household waste should be mandatory in developed countries.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Secondary school

  1. Is hunting be considered as cruelty against an animal?
  2. Should teachers can be friends with their students?
  3. Importance of physical education among the school student.
  4. What is the appropriate legal age to start drinking?
  5. Is online dating gradually replacing the need for a real date?
  6. Children should be allowed to change their name if they wish so?
  7. Televisions are gradually becoming outdated because of new entertainment technologies.
  8. Humans are solely responsible for climate change.
  9. What is the meaning of true love?
  10. Is art can be a profession?

Controversial Topics for Argumentative Essay

  1. Are CEO’s paid highest salary?
  2. Is the election process is fair in our country?
  3. Should a special child be taught separately from normal children?
  4. Can religious movements be a cause for a war?
  5. Is politics is a dirty game?
  6. What are the positive and negative outcomes of feminism?
  7. Is the education system is too corrupted today?
  8. Are working women lacks as a mother?
  9. Should an animal be used in experiments or testing?
  10. Should a standardised score system be used in evaluating, whether a student is a graduate or not?

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Argumentative Essay Topics related to Social Media:

  1. Does a candidate get a job through LinkedIn?
  2. What are the best replacements for the tweeter?
  3. What is the best alternative for Turnitin?
  4. Is it possible to earn money through YouTube?
  5. News should not be focused on celebrity’s lives.
  6. Photoshopped images have negatively affecting self-esteem.
  7. Media are creating unrealistic images of marriage and relationship.
  8. Does government have rights to view private profile?
  9. Should families have television at their home or not?
  10. Should cigarette be advertised?

Argumentative Essay Topics related to sport?

  1. Are video games are causing a negative effect on children’s growth?
  2. Is participating in sports can help children in their growth?
  3. Is competition is the best way to improve the competencies?
  4. Is cheating in sports is illegal?
  5. Is weightlifting an unnatural sport for women?
  6. Is football is a dangerous sport for school students?
  7. Is swimming only exercise which affects every part of the body?
  8. Should video game consider as a sport?
  9. Is cheerleading should be a part of the sport?
  10. Should use of animals in sports to be banned?

Argumentative Essay Topics related to technology:

  1. Are cell phone has some negative rays?
  2. Does cell phone become an essential part of human life?
  3. Our modern society is reliant on technologies?
  4. Is technologies are negatively affecting the learning ability?
  5. Are spy applications for a mobile phone is useful?
  6. Our modern world is surrounded by technologies?
  7. Can you imagine a life without technology?
  8. How will our world look like after 20 years from today in a technological sense?
  9. Have technologies simplified our life?
  10. Can one create a chip to control the human mind?

Argumentative Essay Topics related to health

  1. Does being an underweight is a similar concern as being a overweight?
  2. Should usage of alcohols be restricted?
  3. How much water intake is required in a day by the human body?
  4. Being a vegetarian harmful to health?
  5. Is technology devices are one of the major factor causes censor?
  6. Serving soft drinks and French fries should be banned in the school canteens?
  7. Is corporate wellness mandatory all over the world?
  8. Should euthanasia be mandatory for ill parents?
  9. What are the risks of fast food on a child’s health?
  10. Hospital treatment versus self-treatment at home.

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Argumentative Essay Topics related to social and society:

  1. Does age matters in a relationship?
  2. Is online dating is not a basis for a long relationship?
  3. Are security cameras creating violation in privacy?
  4. Artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence in future?
  5. What should be the punishment for the failed parenting?
  6. Can we consider abortion as a crime?
  7. Male employees also get paternity leaves?
  8. Most appropriate way to control naughty teens?
  9. Causes of Down’s syndrome?
  10. Drug abuse is the most common problem among students.

This is a list of topics which our professional essay writers have created for your convenience. You can take a topic as it is relevant to your discipline or you can create your own topic by combining 2-3 topics.

Once you select a topic then write an impressive assignment essay paper by following the proper structure of an argumentative essay.

Good luck with your argumentative essay paper and champion your essay paper like a pro.

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