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Latest Discursive Essay Topics 2023 Singapore

Discursive essay topics are the commonly searched terms by the college students as these types of essays are very frequently assigned to them.

While some scholars are able to complete these essays on their own but the expert help is requisite for most of them to finish in the proper manner.

We are providing the free list of discursive essay topic ideas our expert essay helpers. It will be beneficial for both graduate and postgraduate students and even for school students too. Hope it will work for you.

Discursive Essay Topics

Controversial Argumentative/ Discursive essay topics on history:

Given below the list of unique discursive essay topics from the period of history. Singapore students can use these topics to generate a high scoring essay paper:

  1. Certain aspects of history that are also in use in the existing world of technology.
  2. The key aspects of history that are used in the modern administration to enhance its qualities.
  3. What is the impact of archaeological survey of historians in the existing human world?
  4. What is the historical importance of number 13?
  5. What is the reason that traditional people are more advanced compared to the people of the existing century?

Easy Argumentative/ Discursive essay topics on Biotechnology:

The expert professional team of writers prepared a list of discursive essay topics ideas for scholars who are struggling for the good and latest topics for biotechnology. The needy can also avail our free sample pdf essay topics.

  1. What is the role of cloning in the preparation of antibiotic medicines?
  2. The methods of biotechnology are used to manufacture hybrid seeds? What is the utilization and harmfulness of those seeds?
  3. How the BT cotton plants can be detrimentally developed by the hybrid seeds using techniques of biotechnology?
  4. What is the importance of tissue culture in the process of cell development?

Argumentative/ Discursive essay topics 2023 on sports:

Browse the free ideas for discursive essay topics on sports prepared by the team of Singapore assignment help. Our services are wide-ranging that means ask us for any form of essay writing like scholarship essays etc.

  1. How can we control the growing problem of doping in the sports world?
  2. Is it necessary to fine penalties on the sportsperson who unintentionally touch their fellow mates at the pitch?
  3. If the players fix the game, what are its effects?
  4. The penalty imparted to the referees if they give incorrect judgment in the game?
  5. What is the reason behind keeping the same color as the sports dress of a team?

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Best Argumentative/ Discursive essay topics on economics:

Below is the top list of discursive essay topics for economics students with the aim that they can write high-quality essay papers and attain better grades:

  1. Why is it beneficial to invest in the capital market rather than to invest in gold and banks type conventional market?
  2. Is it necessary to perform intense research for the financial matters of a country before finalizing its budget?
  3. What is the impact of GDP on the economy of a country?
  4. How it is significant to equally distribute the economic resources between the people of the country for the surety of utmost development?
  5. What is the significance of supply and demand theory for the mechanization of new goods?

Argumentative/ Discursive essay topics on business studies for middle school and high school students:

If you are a student of business studies and struggling for discursive essay topics for the given assignment, then this free list of topics from Singapore assignment help will definitely help you:

  1. What is the necessity of appropriately manage finance for businesses?
  2. Does knowing the marketing strategies of your business rivals help for the growth of your business?
  3. Does the growth of business possible without doing advertising of marketing of business products?
  4. Is it necessary to deliver numerous sorts of services to the customers in accordance with the demands of their culture?
  5. Which one is more appropriate business promotion strategy between traditional and e-marketing?

Discursive/ Argumentative essay sample topics on human psychology:

Human psychology is the field of study in which students are very frequently assigned to write an essay. Here is the list of discursive essay topics ideas on human psychology:

  1. What are the consequences, if a person is wrongly treated by the psychologist?
  2. How the behavior of a person depicts his or her psychological position?
  3. The practical education of psychology is more important than learning its theoretical part. Explain?
  4. What are the various methods of depicting the psychology of a person?
  5. Is it necessary to connect the curriculum activities with critical thinking?

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Discursive essay topics for college students on medical science:

Essay writings are very commonly assigned to medical students. The below written discursive essay topics on medical science by the expert writers of Singapore assignment help are highly reliable to write finer quality essays:

  1. Is it important to prefer experienced doctors than naïve learners of medical science by the patients?
  2. The medical science without applying modern technologies to them.
  3. What is the significance of eliminating the process of applying medical experiments on animals?
  4. Is there any connection between research work and real-life medical experience?
  5. What is the utilization of 3D printing technology in medical science?

Good Argumentative/ Discursive essay examples topics on Management:

The list of discursive essay topics helpful for students wishes to get qualified from the top MBA colleges of Singapore.

Apart from this, we at Singapore assignment help are also available with best MBA essay writing help to make student’s life better:

  1. What is the significance of pestle analysis for the development of businesses?
  2. What is the connection of doctors and physicians with airline management?
  3. The important business strategies used to spoil the businesses of their rivals.
  4. Is it necessary to provide the same management services to the economic and business class passengers?
  5. Top 5 mistakes done by the people related to management and hospitality meadow.

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New and latest Discursive essay topics on health and wellness:

Health and wellness is the most demanded arena from essay writing field for students, as everyone knows that ‘health is wealth’. Wishing to write on the latest topic from this field, then you are at the right place:

  1. What is the use of internet filters in public places?
  2. Energy drinks turn out to be risks for the health of children below 18.
  3. What is the effect on privacy by the military using drones?
  4. What is the significance of proper sleep for adults?
  5. Is it beneficial to grant permission of GMOs in food?

Free updated Discursive essay topics on the environment:

A good environment makes human life better. So it is beneficial to answer the latest discursive essay topics on the environment to make a friendly environment:

  1. Should plastic water bottles be banned for the sake of the environment?
  2. Is it beneficial to expand offshore drilling?
  3. Recycling household waste can help to improve the environment.
  4. Is it beneficial to give recent houses an environment-friendly touch?
  5. What is the connection between EPA and vehicles?

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