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Develop Research Questions

Developing good questions for research is very much essential for guiding research. College or university going students often find designing research questions to be a difficult task. In this article, our expert team of Singapore assignment help is guiding for ideas writing research questions. They are also providing information about the types of research questions. An article also includes suggestions about things which you should include for making your research question strong.

Before gaining knowledge about how to develop research questions, let’s first understand what research questions are.

Develop Research Questions

Research Question

Research questions can be referred to as questions that you intend to answer by performing an investigation. The selection of good research questions is very much essential for performing both qualitative and quantitative research. It is a good research question that provides the researcher with proper guidance throughout the research paper. Research questions help you in getting an idea about Research objectives. After writing research questions you should ensure that it is:

  • Focussed: While designing questions for your research paper you should emphasize a single issue.
  • Researchable: This means that you should able to answer research questions by collecting information from primary and secondary sources.
  • Feasible:  It is very much essential for you to design such research questions that you could answer within minimum time.
  • Specific: You can answer the research questions thoroughly.
  • Complex: It is enough to provide answers over the space of the thesis.
  • Relevant: You should design a research question that is relevant to your field.

In the context research paper, you can write only one research question for guiding reading and thinking.

In a bigger research project, such as the thesis, you can include multiple research questions. After writing research questions you should make sure that they all are properly linked and are designed considering the research problems.

Now let’s develop an understanding of the process of writing strong research questions.

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How to write research questions?

The process of developing strong questions for research includes 3 steps these are:

Step 1: Selection of a broad topic

Step 2: Conduct preliminary reading and search for debates, issues related to the topic

Step 3: Narrow down particular niche on which you intend to emphasize on

Find a theoretical or practical research problem that you are going to concentrate on during your study.

After clearly defining the research problem, you need to formulate research questions. Before designing research questions you should first understand what you intend to understand and how you will make a contribution in resolving specific issues.

Example research problem Research questions example
Teacher in college does not possess the skill for recognizing and properly guiding children. What strategies a teacher can utilize for identifying and teaching students?
People in the gig economy are more engaged in freelancing work rather than full-time employment. What factor motivates people in the gig economy to engage themselves in freelancing work?

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Types of research questions

Both Qualitative and quantitative research questions consist of research questions. The type of research question you need to write is completely based on the knowledge which you intend to gain. The selection of the type of questions you need to develop is dependent on the type of research you will perform.  It is the strong questions which will help you in shaping the research design.  The different type of research questions are:

Type of research questions Formulation
Descriptive Research What are the characteristics of a good thesis?
Comparative research What are the difference and similarities between Qualitative and Quantitative research?
Correlational research What is the relationship between inflation and firm profitability?
Exploratory research What are the main factors in the environment?  What effect the economic factor has on firm profitability?  What role globalization has in growth if an organization?
Explanatory research Does globalization affect MNC? What influence MNC’s have on domestic firms?  What are the main causes of globalization?
Evaluation research What are the benefits and drawbacks of globalization? How effectively a digital marketing strategy works in a global world?
Action research How high performance can be achieved? What are the effective strategies for improving it?


What makes a strong research question?

Writing questions for research is an easy task. It is the research question based on which you need to write a whole research paper. Therefore, you should refine the research questions. Below is the criterion based on which you can judge whether your questions are strong or weak.

  • Focussed and researchable
Criteria Explanation
Emphasizes on a single issue  You should design questions considering the research problem.  All questions which you are designing should relate to your research aim.
Answerable using both primary and secondary sources You should develop such research questions which you can answer by accumulating data by applying the quantitative and qualitative technique.  If you are facing the issue of collecting the information then you will need to redesign your research questions.


Does not include subjective judgment You should not use subjective words such as better, good, worse, etc when designing research questions.

(X) Is word of mouth is a good marketing strategy or digital marketing?


ü  How effective new compensation policy about reducing employee turnover rate?

Does not ask why You should not include questions starting with why in your research. As you can not be able to answer such questions thoroughly that could have a significant influence on research. Instead of why you can include questions starting with What and How.



How economic factors affect the business operations of the organization?

What are the benefits of digital marketing?




  • Feasible and specific
Criteria Explanation
Answer research question within Practical constraints You need to confirm that there is a sufficient amount of time for answering research questions.
Utilize well-defined concepts  You should use such words or sentences in your research questions which have a clear meaning.

Example :

What influence globalization has on the marketing activities of retail companies?


Seek for conclusive solutions If in case you are performing research for solving practical problems then also you should take the initiative to understand and recommend possibilities rather than just seeking solutions.


What is a good strategy for reducing the adverse effect of globalization on business?


  • Complex and arguable
Criterion Detail
Design open-ended questions You should design open-ended questions, as it will allow you to gather a huge amount of facts related to the topic.



How digitalization is influencing the way of doing business.


Develop such questions which can’t be answered easily  If you can answer the research question by searching on Google or reading a book then such a question is not consider to be as good.  You need to collect original information from different sources to answer good research questions.
Provide scope for debates It means that you should formulate such a research question that cannot be answered in just a single statement.
  • Relevant and original
Criterion Detail
Identify issue which is related to your field You need to design questions for your research paper based on preliminarily reading about the topic.
Contribution to academic or social debate Questions that you are designing make sure are contributing to a debate. In simple words it should be related to the existing issue in your field.
Not been answered earlier You should identify such aspects of issues that are not addressed in the existing literature.  Considering the gap in literature you should design research questions.


It has been concluded from the above that it is the questions that guide the complete research paper. Another fact which has been summarised from above is that research questions are designed considering the aim and problem statement.

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