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Critical Thinking and Research Process

You came to the right place to acquire learning about critical thinking and the Research Process. This blog will help write critical thinking assignments and research work.

Critical Thinking and Research Process

Critical thinking is a process of thinking about particular things at a time. What is the significance of critical thinking? Good question! Let’s get into the details of this blog and find out more about critical thinking.

Defining critical thinking

The analysis of fact done to arrive at a judgment is defined as critical thinking. The information can be either generated or gathered from communication, reasoning, reflection, experience, and observation.

Therefore, critical thinking is the intellectual disciplinary process of evaluating, determining, conceptualizing, analyzing, and applying gathered information. It enables us to think rationally, clearly, and understand the logical connection
between ideas.

The significance of critical thinking

Practicing critical thinking promotes creativity, improves the presentation, and language skills. Further, it can help you in having a well-informed opinion and making better decisions. So, it is a crucial life skill that enhances the problem-solving skill of critical thinkers.

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Steps of critical thinking

To become a critical thinker, you must apply these steps to every problem in your everyday life.

  • Identify the problem- for narrower issues as it is easier to find solutions for it.
  • Gather opinion, data, and arguments- find various sources that present different points of view.
  • Data analysis and evaluation- find out the reliability of the sources. Analyze whether enough data is there to support a hypothesis.
  • Identify assumptions- make sure that your research sources are unbiased.
  • Establishing significance- find important pieces of information. Justify whether the sample size is sufficient or not.
  • Make a decision or conclude- identify the limitations and strengths of all possible conclusions.
  • Present or communicate- after concluding, present it in your assignment.

Critical analysis of an assignment

Before analyzing an assignment, you must know about critical analysis. To critically analyze an assignment, you must follow certain steps.

  • Identify the author’s purpose.
  • Analyze the structure of the assignment by identifying the main ideas.
  • Consult an encyclopedia or dictionary to understand the material
  • Write a description of the work or outline it.
  • Write a summary of the assignment.
  • Determine the purpose that can be to entertain, to appeal, to provide a reason, or how to inform the audience with factual material
  • evaluate the mean of accomplishing the above purpose- the material must be accurate and clear. Further, look for evidence of logical reasoning. Determine the emotions behind it like did it make you angry, cry, or laugh.

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The research process for assignment writing

The following steps will provide an effective strategy for conducting a research process while writing an assignment.

  • Identify the topic of research.
  • Conduct preliminary research for information- lookup libraries reference, catalog of books, internet, periodical databases, and encyclopedias.
  • Locate materials- you can use electronic periodical databases of the library to find out newspaper articles.
  • Evaluate the sources- provide reliable, truthful, and credible information.
  • Make notes- make sure to document all the sources that are required while creating a bibliography. It includes URL, title name, publisher, and author.
  • Write your assignment papers
  • Proper citations of the sources- give proper credit to the authors while documenting the sources. Two popular citation styles are APA and MLA.
  • Proofread- check for errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Make sure that the assignment sources are cited properly.

Methods of data collection for assignment writing

The fundamental step in the research work is data collection. Here, we will study methods of primary and secondary data collection.

Primary data collection

  •  Questionnaire: A set of questions are provided to a person to fill them up. It is the most common way of collecting data. The modes of the questionnaire include an email survey, postal survey, and a telephonic survey.
  •  Observation: Observation helps in finding what people need and what they do. It involves analysis, recording, interpretation, and describing people's behavior.
  •  The in-depth and semi-structured interview interviews are conducted face-to-face or in a group. A semi-structured interview is based upon a preferred set of questions selected by the customer.

Secondary data collection

The secondary data methods involve publications, the internet, data warehouse, research report, project finding, and ERP.

  •  Internet- this is the common way of collecting secondary data through Google and Yahoo. It includes e-textbooks, government reports, and Wikipedia.
  •  Data mining and warehouses/ ERP- every organization implements ERP to gather information about marketing, accounts, finance, production, and R&D.
  •  Publications- it involves printed media like magazines, textbooks, journals, and newspapers.

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