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HFS353 Accident and Incident Investigation Assignment Example SUSS Singapore

Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

Many part-time and full-time courses are available for students in Singapore. The accident and incident investigation (HFS353) is a part-time course with a duration of 6 months.

The areas of interest of the course are technology and science. The medium of communication for the delivery of the course is English. At the workplaces that are prevalent in the modern industries within Singapore, there can occur events and accidents that can cause property damage and can injure people. The events and accidents can also create chaos.

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Besides, these events there can be many other events that can create mayhem. The course on Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) discusses how individuals react to these events from social, legal, technical as also behavioral standpoints.

The course focuses on the fact that our main response to these events should be to enhance our know-how on what caused such events. This course also discusses the ways and means by which we can protect ourselves as also others from such events. This write-up is an assignment sample highlighting the learning outcomes that are related to the course.

The objective of Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353)

The objective of the course in context is to prevent the occurrences of accidents and incidents at industrial workplaces. The course helps the learners and the audiences to enhance knowledge about what caused accidents, it also helps us to comprehend how we can safeguard ourselves as also others.

The course also helps the readers and the audiences to integrate injury and incident investigations. With the help of the course, the readers can able to know how to transform investigations from responsive reactions into something that are proactive.

Besides, the course also allows the learners to comprehend how to prepare for accidents and incidents. It also helps the readers to examine methods and tools that are utilized for data collection and analysis. By using the analyzed data one can come to conclusions as also offer necessary recommendations.

Therefore, it can be said that the objective of studying the course on Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) and make necessary reports is to make the students know about the skills, knowledge as also competencies in creating injury and incident reports.

Learning outcomes related to Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) Course

This section of the assignment sample discusses the various learning outcomes that are related to the course on Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353).

The learning outcomes that are related to the course in context are highlighted as follows:-

Demonstrate the need for injury and incident study and evaluate its worthiness for utilization in contemporary industrial environments

Contemporary industrial environments can be hazardous and they can cause accidents, cause damage to life and property. By using injury and incident reports one can know about the different causes of accidents within an industrial environment.

The persons conducting such study can also know how to protect themselves as well as others who are working within such environments. The injury and incident study also helps one to stay prepared for accidents and incidents that can occur within an industrial environment. To know more on this read the course on Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) in full.

Specify expertise and resources that are required to be used to do an inquiry within the scope and scale that is offered by incidents

Persons who are engaged in accident and incident investigations are required to utilize data collection and analysis tools to do inquiries. The professionals utilize the analyzed data to come to conclusions.

Data collection and analysis also help individuals to make proper recommendations. Read the course in full to know more about the data collection and analysis methods and tools.

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Examine the possibilities that are there for injury and incidents study as part of behavioral safety systems operating in recent times within businesses

Accidents and incidents investigations are useful as they allow us to know about hazards. Such investigations also allow one to monitor issues that cause damage within an industrial environment.

The documentation of issues and comprehending the causes of the problems prevent the likelihood of occurrence of the accidents and incidents repeatedly. Injury and incidents study helps to promote quality safety and performance within an industrial environment.

Study the required preparations to deal with incidents and injury studies that can manage incidents

Several measures can be utilized to control or prevent accidents in the industries and they include devising appropriate safety measures, maintaining discipline, appropriate selections of staffs, providing safety training, providing incentives, preparing committees to overlook industrial safety, maintaining machines, infrastructure, and equipment in the industries. By doing so industrial fatalities, property damages can be prevented.

Prioritize as also compose advice by analyzing the incident

There should be a specialized team within industrial setups entrusted with the task of data collection and analysis concerning accident investigations. This team needs to provide proper advice from time to time so that accidents in the industries can be prevented.

Prepare incident reports by adhering to formats that are discussed in the course

The incident reports are required to be created by adhering to formats like 1) conforming to legal needs within Singapore, 2) understanding where the cause, as well as the effect, is linked, 3) the subtleties that management can expects from such actions. Know more about these by reading the course on Accident and Incident Investigation (HFS353) in full.

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