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Fire Incident Management Plan

This essay sample will throw light on the strategic fire management plan of an organization. Further, it will discuss the structure of the fire response plan. Let us discuss all the equipment and planning required for fire evacuation in detail. Let’s dive in!

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Management fire response plan

A fire incident management plan outlines the fire safety standard and ensures that these standards are maintained. The fire safety management plan details the outlining of the arrangement to implement, monitor, review, and control fire incidents. An organization’s fire safety management plan should ensure the safety and health of its visitors, staff, and service users. The management fire response plan must involve

  • Prevent accidents at work areas
  • To access and control hazardous risk arising from the work activities
  • To provide safe working equipment and methods
  • To monitor and review the systems to ensure their effectiveness
  • Organizing fire safety training programs
  •  Review risk assessment of storage, transportation, and disposal of dangerous

Structure & Organization of the Company’s Fire Incident Management Response Plan

Here, we are discussing the implementation of an effective Fire emergency plan by the company.


The basis of Resource management planning is on institutional policy and legal framework. A fire risk assessment plan must be formed and reviewed. The fire maintenance contract includes a fire warning system and portable electrical appliances.


Identify any training sessions that are required. The staff recruitment in fire marshal duties, evacuation process, and fire equipment panels. Adopt methods to ensure everyone has details of the fire evacuation plan. Every employee must know how to operate the fire alarm.

Organization and control

Follow an annual fire management cycle. The company department must implement fire policies effectively. The team must be responsible for the overall maintenance of fire safety arrangements. They must ensure safety arrangements and fire security plans are in respect to
fire protection.

Fire awareness and education

The proper education on Fire awareness can assist in reporting, detecting, and preventing fire. Media campaigns, use of television, radio, and print media can spread fire prevention messages. Conduct fire management programs targeting specific groups/communities.

Fire prevention

It includes proper Fire management planning and Fire safety arrangement. Fire alarm systems, fire fighting equipment, and emergency lighting systems are types of equipment required during a fire evacuation. A fire safety inspection must include maintenance of fire
extinguishers and fire escape routes. Inspection of building design, fire evacuation drills, and consider the secure location of premises.

Early warning systems and fire danger rating

Develop reliable fire warning systems. The firm can benefit from an early warning system and work in avoiding its occurrence. Install maps and sketches of escape routes on the premises. Location of emergency exit signs and manual break glass points for the easy
evacuation process.

Fire preparedness and Technical training

It includes response and detection to fires. Fire preparedness involves equipment and training the company personnel. Adopt appropriate response to hazardous materials and mitigation

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Pre fire season activities

Organize such activities to enhance public safety. Make agreements with transportation Agencies and utility sectors required in fire suppression actions.

Fire detection and communication

Fire detection occurs in many ways. It involves lightning detection systems, aerial surveillance, satellite imagery, and fire observation Towers. After its detection, the need for effective communication to inform fire-fighters. The fire suppression personnel backup and energy sources are needed.

Fire management program

It includes the initial attack on the organization and large fire management. Also, to include fuel management and managing multiple incidents. A robust fire detection system must use Remote Sensing, aerial routes, and community networks. Assure life safety systems such as smoke control systems, building power systems, and evacuation lifts are in order.


The plan must be per the management of multiple incidents in critical areas. The firm should form a Restoration and Rehabilitation plan for unexpected consequences. Make sure to evacuate all employees and less damage happens to the assets.

Monitoring and assessment

  • There are many key performance indicators to monitor fire safety plan effectiveness. Some of them are annual fire systems audits by top management.
  • Quarterly premises inspection to ensure fire action plans

Undertake management review regarding changes to the facilities, new safety equipment, and changes in staff roles. Implement a program to monitor the suppression methods and hazardous effects of fire on local communities and organizations.


From the above article, we can conclude that strategic actions are required to facilitate the holistic management of the fire system. An organization must have a checklist to ensure effective fire management planning. Not only top management but every individual associated with the firm is responsible for fire safety measures.

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