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FIN355 Equity Securities SUSS Assessment Sample

Singaporean students are very keen on learning finance courses. The aspiring students generally have an inclination towards gaining knowledge about individual financial securities. To fulfil this of the students’ desire Singapore University of Social Sciences adds on a course namely FIN355 Equity Securities to accompany the other relevant courses like Derivative Securities (FIN359)FIN357 Fixed Income Securities, and FIN358 Fixed Income and Derivative Securities.

The students who start learning the SUSS FIN355 course eventually get abstract knowledge about the other different financial securities too. They learn about the issuance and acceptance as well as utilization of the tradable financial assets.

In addition, the course also comprises boredom of FIN355 SUSS assessments and stress of timed online assignment which is needed to be completed within a time limit.

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Introduction to Equity Securities

Equity security is a financial instrument which represents shares/ ownership claims of a corporation. It is a financial tool which shows your ownership in a company’s net assets. Being a financial asset, equity security has a vital role in investment analysis as well as portfolio management, as it holds a considerable portion of several institutional & individual investment portfolios. Simply put, if you possess equity security, the shares represent your part ownership on the issuing entity (company, trust, partnership).

In other words, having equity security makes you able to claim your ownership on a percentage of the issuing entity’s earnings and assets.

What does FIN355 Equity Securities Course Teach?

The FIN355 Equity Securities course aims to equip the undergraduates with the in-depth information and knowledge about the past scenario of the capital market and the expansion of the equity markets after the eighties. Before the eighties, the investment in equity markets was cramped predominantly to the investment firms and specific wealthy individuals.

Upon the deregulation, improved disclosures, falling brokerage commissions, & the increasing cohort of companies that hit the equity markets to fund mobilization. Beyond that, there has been a drastic increment in the number of retail investors in the equity markets. Certainly, the valuation of securities is essential for making decisions to invest.

SUSS FIN355 Equity Securities course focuses on teaching the students the valuation models which are utilized in equity markets. The course trains the Singaporean undergrads to analyse companies and subsequently discover their value.

Subject Matter of FIN355 Equity Securities Course

The SUSS FIN355 Equity Securities course provides various topics for a better understanding of the students about the basic of securities and constructs valuation reports.

Here are some core topics of the FIN355 Equity Securities course: –

  • Fundamentals of equity analysis and valuation
  • Defining cash flows
  • calculating the cost of capital
  • Free cash flow models
  • Dividend discount models
  • Residual income models
  • Relative valuation models

In conjunction with the above-mentioned topics, the course also provides the FIN355 SUSS assignments with a tag line representing the importance of their timely submission to score well in the final examination of the course.

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Learning Outcomes of the FIN355 Equity Securities Course

The students get to gather a lot of knowledge and skills from the FIN355 SUSS course and become proficient to apply different analysis and formulate the valuation reports of the companies. They become enough competent to value a company’s shares and make strategies of investment and equities by analysing the various Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets.

These are some of the splendid educational outcomes of the SUSS FIN355 Equity Securities course: –

  • Summarise the procedure of security analysis
  • Build the process of equity analysis
  • Examine the working of various valuation models
  • Assess valuation models & select the most suitable one to value securities
  • Differentiate between fundamental analysis and technical analysis
  • Plan and sketch a valuation report of a company’s shares
  • Implement industry analysis, economic analysis, and company analysis
  • Appreciate a company’s shares
  • Compose reports on equity analysis
  • Explain the difference between fixed-income security and equity
  • Discuss investment and equities in a group discussion
  • Show skills in writing on investment ideas and equity analysis
  • Debate on equity securities vs debt securities

After becoming proficient with all the great outcomes of the course, the pupils need to finish all the assigned homework relevant to the FIN355 course such as mutual fund assignment, financial case studiespersonal finance assignment etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the types of securities?

Ans. The securities are extensively categorised into: –

  • Debt Securities (e.g. debentures, bonds, and banknotes)
  • Equity Securities (e.g. common stocks)
  • Derivatives (e.g. options, future, swaps, and forwards)

Q2. What is the classification system of securities?

Ans. Securities can be categorised according to many classification systems: –

  • Terms to maturity
  • Income payments
  • Credit rating
  • Ownership rights
  • Industrial sector
  • Currency of denomination
  • Degree of liquidity
  • Region or country
  • State
  • Market capitalization

Q3. Are mutual funds equity securities?

Ans. Yes, mutual funds are considered equity securities as the investors buy the shares that associate to equity participation (ownership stake) in the fund as a whole.

Q4. What is TOA?

Ans. TOA is Timed Online Assignment. TOA has been introduced in the SUSS University on the place of the on-campus course examination due to the harsh worldwide COVID-19 impact. The TOA is similar to TMA but a time limit assigned with every assignment. Also, the TOA will be of the same standard as the final written exam of the course so students need to prepare well for the TOA same way they do for final exams.

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