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Updated on: 20th Oct 2021
ANL 501 Data Visualisation and Storytelling SUSS Sample Assignment

ANL 501 Data Visualisation and Storytelling SUSS Sample Assignment

ANL 501 Data Visualization and Storytelling is a well-renowned course offered popular among local as well as international students. It is offered by the SUSS. As such, it is a level five-course. Plus, it is worth five credit units. This course commences in July of each year.

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Moreover, a large number of students apply for this course each year. The reason being that it is quite a market-relevant course. Thus, it can help students secure a good position in the market. It mainly concerns that data visualization and storytelling aspects, as suggested by the name.

ANL 501 data Visualization and Storytelling destinations to outfit undergrads with the aptitude and capacities to assemble, measure, show, picture, and record venture execution in an adaptable and reproducible manner.

SUSS  Students will explore crucial ideas, capacities, and methodologies in possibility hypothesis, realities, MySQL, Python, R, and records storytelling.

Furthermore, Accentuation could be situated on learning and authorizing perception pleasant practices in R as a piece of a reproducible work process. Students may even break down center MySQL, Python, and R capacities to collect and assemble data for perception from a dissemination of realities sources.

Consequently, understudies will find approaches to follow storytelling procedures to make effective realities affluent showcases custom fitted for senior administration determination making.

Moving on, it covers several important topics. For example, Visualisation in R, Introduction to MySQL, Reproducible workflow with RMarkdown, Working with spatial datasets, Introduction to Python, etc.

We shall be discussing the learning outcomes of this course in the next section of the sample assignment. So, without further adieu:

Learning outcome of ANL 501 Data Visualisation and Storytelling SUSS

In this section of the sample assignment, we shall be looking at the learning outcomes of this course. Learning outcomes refers to the major skills or specific knowledge acquired throughout the course. As such, it is quite an important aspect of the course.

Because it helps students gain real-life relevant skills. Plus, it helps them improve their footing in their respective organization or market. moving on, we shall be looking at each of these in detail. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

How can you create RMarkdown documents in a reproducible workflow?

It is important to create a workflow that is reproducible in this field. As such, RMarkdown documents are quite an important part of the same. Thus, students enrolled in this course, learn how to Create RMarkdown documents as part of a reproducible workflow.

What is the assessment of data requirements in business performance metrics?

This is one of the most important learning outcomes of this course. Here, students learn to Assess the data requirements. These requirements generally concern the business performance metrics.

Explain the full stack from data acquisition and visualization with Python, MySQL, and R

Full-stack refers to the total development of a system, including all of its aspects. As such, full-stack in this field includes analytics as well as data visualization using various systems.

Therefore, students learn to design & implement a full-stack. It covers data acquisition to data analytics. Plus, it also includes visualization. This is done with help of Python, MySQL, and R.

Describe how effective data-rich presentations is composed

Lastly, the is another important learning outcome. Here, students learn to compose data-rich presentations. These should be effective. Plus, this is usually done for the senior management audience.

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