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Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges (FIN 547) Sample Assessment Singapore SUSS

Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges (FIN 547) Sample Assessment Singapore SUSS

FIN547 Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges offers students a specialized understanding of the way blockchain functions. Plus how it thoroughly may be applied to resolve true problems.

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The route starts with an outline of the blockchain innovation and digital styles of cash, followed by specialized conventions, apparatuses. It measures that empower decentralization and the choice of blockchain for shared installments and business programs.

Moreover, The path investigates the Bitcoin factor (blocks, mining, disseminated settlement, and P2P organization) and surroundings (tough/sensitive forks, wallets, and trades).

It at that factor surveys the agent framework for Blockchain this is Ethereum (eager agreements). Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (“DAOs”)) typically applied for industry programs.

It investigates different circulated settlement instruments and assesses the center standards behind the plan of settlement components.

The last piece of the course centers around slicing side blockchain configuration wondering and challenges. For example, the issues of centralization versus decentralization confided in an outsider, prophets, fintech valuation, specialized and social versatility, and interoperability.

The direction utilizes contextual investigations, fingers-on programming, and tasks to help understudies shape a fundamental understanding of the way blockchain technology may be implemented in each monetary and nonfinancial region. Because of the challenges and questions that clearly need to be tended to.

Generally, the path is pointed closer to giving specialized establishment simple blockchain and advanced monetary requirements, and furnishing understudies with contraptions and mentalities to plot and create at the blockchain and deliver imaginative solutions for certifiable issues.

In addition, this course covers several different topics. For example, Distributed systems and consensus mechanisms, Ethereum, Smart contract, oracle, and DAOs, Blockchain design thinking: centralized vs decentralized, trusted third party, and Case studies: blockchain start-ups, enterprise development, and central bank digital currencies.

Learning outcomes of Blockchain Technologies: Applications and Challenges (FIN 547)

In this section of the sample assessment, we shall be looking at the learning outcomes of this course. Learning outcomes refer to the skills and knowledge gained by students through this course. Therefore, these are a very important part of this course. The reason being that this helps students adapt to the real-world situation as well as land good market opportunities.

Nevertheless, these are, as mentioned below:

Explain blockchain technology development  as well as its challenges and solutions

We understand that the developmental process of blockchain technologies is quite an extensive process. Thus, there are several challenges involved in the same.

Therefore, students are taught to Appraise the development of blockchain technology. Plus they also study the challenges that arise during the process and their possible solutions.

Describe the protocols, tools, and processes of blockchain applications

This is one of the most important learning outcomes of this course. As such, it is related to the application of blockchain technologies.

Moreover, students here learn to examine the different technical protocols. Plus, they also conduct an examination of tools and processes. All of these are directly related to blockchain applications.

Conduct an assessment of thinking behind public and private blockchain

This is another one of the most important learning outcomes of this course. Here, students learn to conduct assessments of the design thinking behind public and private blockchain. Plus, they also learn about the issues of centralization vs decentralization. Their corresponding use cases as well.

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What is the Design solutions based on real-world issues in blockchain technologies?

Lastly, students need to understand the solutions to the problems. These problems are related to blockchain technologies. Moreover, they learn to determine the problem and create a suitable solution for problems that arise in real life.

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