Republic Polytechnic (RP) Questions

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B339: Hydra Inc. is an Established local Multinational Company that Specialises in Oral: Organisational Development and Change Management Assignment, RP

Assignment Brief: Apply a suitable system archetype to describe Hydra’s strategy to grow its revenue through its products. Apply Design Thinking and SCAMPER as problem-solving methods to develop the Power X4. Recommend a suitable consultant to lead an initiative to develop new and innovative products. Create a project plan for the manu

S3649C: Ensure key Theories, Concepts, Framework Etc Learned in the Module are Applied: Introduction to Sport Coaching Assignment, RP

S3649C Assignment  critique the coaching session of your choice Ensure key theories, concepts, frameworks,s, etc. learned in the module are applied in your explanation or to justify your views. Provide timestamps (eg. 15’43”) when you refer to the coach’s actions/behavior/ words as evidence. Cite a minimum of 3 references from

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

S3619C: Coach Roger is a 60-year-old Basketball Coach who has been Coaching for the last 30 Years: Professionalism and Ethics in Sports Coaching Assignment, RP

Question 1: Coach Roger is a 60-year-old basketball coach who has been coaching for the last 30 years. Although he has no formal coaching certification, he has coached many teams to win various school and club competitions over the years. In recent years, Coach Roger realized that more teams and schools are asking him to submit his formal coaching

A2849C: Republic Pharmaceuticals is Planning to Develop a Generic Version of a Branded Medicine: Pharmaceutical Technology Assignment, RP

Written Assignment The context of the written assignment should discuss, explore, and analyze the following topics. Republic Pharmaceuticals is planning to develop a generic version of a branded medicine Drug A coated tablet, upon expiration of the patent filed by the innovator company of Drug A. Listed below (Table 1) are some physicochemica

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

H2220C: The wellness Industry Now Accounts for Over 5% of Global Economic Output: Wellness and Lifestyle Management Assignment, RP

 Background According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry now accounts for over 5% of global economic output, yet the wellness market is often written off as a collection of fads. The development of a huge international wellness market may reflect consumers’ changing relationships with their health care. More people are

H3629C: Overview of Medical and Wellness Tourism After the 2020 Pandemic: Wellness and Medical Tourism Management Assignment, RP

Assignment Title Overview of Medical and Wellness Tourism after the 2020 Pandemic – Country Name cta_question_1 Background: With the Covid-19 situation in 2020, many companies in the medical and wellness tourism industry have been impacted significantly especially with the fall of international travel in 2020. For example, Malaysia ha

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

S322: All Rround the World, Stadiums, and Arenas Have Fallen Silent in Recent Months: Strategic Sports Development, RP

Assignment Topic : A Proposal to set up a community E-Sports League in Singapore. All around the world, stadiums, and arenas have fallen silent in recent months with the coronavirus pandemic bringing major sports leagues and events to a standstill. With mainstream sports such as football, tennis, and golf on hiatus, and as many countries place th

A Simple Raw Forensic Image of a Computer Seized from a Person: Principle on Computer Forensic Assignment, RP

Investigation and Reporting You will be provided with a simple raw forensic image of a computer seized from a person suspected of criminal offenses. Your task is to use recommended forensic tools to examine the forensic image, locate and select evidence that you assess to be related to the suspected crime and any other plausible offenses. cta_

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

S247: Mark Worked as an Administrative Executive in a Government Organization: Behaviour Change Assignment, RP

Case Study Mark worked as an administrative executive in a government organization. Recently, he had been taking frequent sick leave. When he did turn up for work, his untidy appearance and indifferent attitude also affected his work performance which strained his relationship with his colleagues. In addition, Mark had stopped going for his exer

H3310C: New Restaurant Concepts are Emerging Rapidly to Satisfy the Growing: Foodservice Facilities Design Assignment, RP

Background New restaurant concepts are emerging rapidly to satisfy the growing demand for diners. These market-driven developments are calling for more people trained in foodservice facilities design. Given this knowledge, students will be prepared for careers in food service management armed with the ability to design foodservice facilities.

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