Preparing a Spokesperson for a Client (According to Article 9) to Conduct an Interview on Radio or TV: Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation for Business

Write the following as if you were preparing a spokesperson for a client (According to Article 9) to conduct an interview on Radio or TV.

  • Select a media outlet for the interview (Radio or TV)
  • Name the spokesperson (This is the client, this should be real)
  • Write a profile of the interviewer(s) and (This is the TV Journalist or RJ Media – This should be real)
  • The media organization the interviewer is working for (Organisation for which the journalist works – this should be real)
  • Write 3 key messages and facts supporting each key message relevant for the interview.
  • Compile a list of 5 possible questions and suggested answers to prepare the spokesperson for the press interview on radio or TV as selected.
    • Only select 3-4- lines to describe the media and 3-4 lines to describe the media organization the journalist is working for as Urkund is likely to pick up and text match the content.

2. Speech

A 500-word speech must be prepared for the client (Article 9) to present. IT can be based on something hypothetical, but realistic.

You must state the:

  • Occasion
  • Purpose
  • The specific objective of the speech
  • The location, date, and time

As examples, the client may be accepting an award, speaking at a school assembly, addressing tertiary students at a graduation ceremony, promoting the organization at an open day, presenting the organization to secure funding, or speaking at a charity or service club (Rotary, lions) about their organization.

To be submitted as a one-word document. Please label each text clearly, start each text on a new page and follow the requirements of each text stated in the unit guide.

Topic 6: Media interviews and FAQs Essential reading Johnston, J and Rowney, K. (2018). Ch 7: ‘Media ‘pressers’, events and training’; Ch 10: Working with complex topics and experts. Recommended Mahoney, J. (2017). Ch. 5: ‘Developing and writing messages.’ Ch. 8: ‘Interpersonal communication’.

Topic 7: Speeches Essential reading 2. 10 Keys To Writing A Speech Forbes LEADERSHIP 7/16/2013 Find at

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