S313: Analyze the video (kicking a ball) in LEO 2.0 with Kinovea Based on Your Analysis: Sports and Exercise Biomechanics Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S313: Sports and Exercise Biomechanics


1. Analyze the video (kicking a ball) in LEO 2.0 with Kinovea. Based on your analysis, suggest changes in the person’s technique (using up to TWO concepts in Biomechanics) to enable him to kick the ball in the air further. Note that the marker is attached to the iliac crest. It may be assumed that it is the center of mass of the person. For calibration, two cones were recorded in the video, 1 m apart.

Your report should include:

  • The procedure of data processing/ analysis (No need to write the subject, equipment, and data collection)
  • Results using a table or figure and discussion. Follow APA format for your table or figure and the APA guide is in the LEO 2.0).
  • Recommendation
  • The total number of words for items I, ii, and iii should not exceed 800 words except for the caption(s) of the table and/or figure.
  • Use the following title page for this question.

2. Explain how you would use ONE of the devices below to measure the variable(s) that can help the athlete in a sport of your choice. You should include the expected variable(s) using your selected device.

  • Force plate
  • inertia sensors (Inertial measurement unit)
  • Instrumented treadmill with force plates.

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