S2630C : Design a Detailed Session plan of 12-15 minutes to Coach two to four Learners: Instructional Strategies for Sports and Games Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S2630C : Instructional Strategies for Sports and Games

Question 1

Design a detailed session plan of 12-15 minutes to coach two to four learners some of the technical skills and/or tactics needed in a sport of your choice. In the session plan, you need to demonstrate your understanding and application of the following:

  • 3 learning domains (i.e. cognitive, psychomotor, affective)
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Characteristics of learners (i.e. physical growth, intellectual, social, emotional)
  • Mosston’s coaching styles
  • Instructions, task presentations and feedback
  • Practice structure (i.e. Gentile’s Taxonomy)
  • Task structure &engagement
  • Activity selection
  • Management skills
  • Assessment of performance

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Question 2

Produce and submit a video of you executing the coaching session that you have planned for Question 1.Upload your video to your respective class link below:

  • Intake 1 class A: Link
  • Intake 1 class B: Link
  • Intake 8 class A: Link
  • Intake8 class B: Link

Refer to Annex C for the assessment rubrics.

You will be given time in Lesson 17 & 18 for the video production. You will be given access to half of the Indoor Competition Hall or Badminton hall for this. Your classmates will be your learners and help you with the video recording. You are also allowed to produce the video at your own venue with your own participants at your own time.

The following sports equipment will be provided during lessons 17 and 18. Please work with what is available. Alternatively, you can bring your own equipment for sports that are not listed below.

·         10 Soccer balls ·         10 floorball sticks and 10 balls
·         10 Basketballs ·         10 Badminton rackets and 20 shuttlecocks
·         10 Volleyballs ·         20 cones and 20 markers
·         10 Netballs ·         20 Pizza markers
·         10 Rugby balls ·         8 Bibs
·         10 Handballs ·         2 Mini Goalposts
·         10 Frisbees

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