S311: Design a 60 Minutes Lesson Plan to teach four Learners the Technical skills Needed in any sport of Your Choice: Human Motor Control and Development Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S311: Human Motor Control and Development

S311 ESE Graded Assignment

Part 1: Lesson Plan

Design a 60 minutes lesson plan to teach four learners the technical skills needed in any sport of your choice. The lesson plan must include:

  • Background of the learners (This may include age, physical attributes, and other constraints)
  • Objectives of the lesson / Details of the skill(s) to be learned
  • Activities to achieve the lesson objective(s)
  • Relevant diagrams and figures to support/ supplement the activities
  • Questions that you would pose to your students to facilitate learning and the predicted response from the students

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Part 2: Essay

Based on your lesson plan in part 1, write an essay to highlight and explain how the following concepts are applied to your lesson plan:
1. Stages of Learning (Anyone theory)
2. What are the Fundamental Movement Skills that are required by the learners in order
3. Motor Skills assessment
4. Theories of motor control (choose one or a combination)
5. Processing information and making decisions
6. Sensory contributions to performance
7. Memory and Transfer of Learning
8. Speed and Accuracy Relationship
9. Instructions and feedback
10. Structuring the learning experience

An introduction of the lesson (skills and/or tactics to be taught) and the
participants (make your own assumptions) as well as equipment.

  • Relate to the concepts of stages of learning and the Dynamical
    Systems Theory/ constraints-led approach.
  • Discuss the fundamental movements skills required to perform
    the skills.

2. Provide an explanation and justification for the activities that you had chosen.

  • Relate to the concepts of memory and transfer of learning.
  • Discuss the concepts of instructions and feedback as well as
    structuring the learning experience in relation to the lesson plan

3. Identify and explain the following instances in your lesson plan that you
had applied in the lesson plan:

  • concepts of processing information and making decisions
  • Sensory contributions to performance
  • Speed and Accuracy Relationship

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