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COR160 Essential Academic Writing Skills: Course Introduction

This SUSS University core course offers the essential writing skills required for undergraduates in a university to help them function effectively both inside and outside of an academic environment.

The lessons cover basic principles like summarizing, paraphrasing/quoting information from different texts critically evaluating what you read so that it can be used towards project papers selecting sources properly while accurately documenting your findings at each stage through reference pages–allowing students not only better understandings but also improved ability when putting together finished products.

The information in this course will be useful for students across disciplines. These skills can help them with their work, assignments, and examinations right away.

Learning Outcomes Of COR160 Essential Academic Writing Skills Assignment

  • Cite sources in writing using the proper citation and referencing style
  • Evaluate information criticallly from various sources to respond to a task
  • Synthesise information from various sources in writing in response to a given task
  • Develop a rhetorical structure of an essay
  • Apply persuasive argumentative writing strategies in response to a given task

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The college students need to evaluate the useful information which they can use in high papers by selecting the appropriate information from various other sources.

The skills provided by COR160 affect the other disciplines which help the college students of Singapore to apply the gained knowledge in the different assignments, classwork, projects, and other examinations.

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