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MKTG1071 Strategic Marketing Assessment Sample- RMIT University Singapore

MKTG1071 Strategic Marketing Assessment Sample- RMIT University Singapore

In this sample assessment, we shall be looking at the course MKTG1071 Strategic Marketing offered by the RMIT University. As of course, it mainly focuses on the concept of Strategic Marketing, as one might have guessed through the course title. This begs the question. What does this course actually teach? We shall be discussing the general scope of this course as well as the major topics taught.

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Assessment Questions

Here, we shall be looking at some of the popular assessment questions of MKTG1071 Strategic Marketing. Therefore, these are as following:

Question 1
Briefly describe the industry JGH operates in and conduct an analysis of the external environment using a PESTLE and 5-force model. A table format is fine, as are dot points so long as you clearly describe each point

Question 2
Discuss how the information you found in the PESTLE will potentially influence the 5-forces in the future. Conclude your discussion with a list of opportunities and threats

Question 3
a) Using the value chain as a guide, identify JGH’sstrengths and weaknesses. Combine these with the opportunities and threats you found in Question 2and do a TOWS analysis. A table format is fine.

b) After reflecting on your analysis, identify what you believe is the most appropriate competitive strategy for JGH. Plus. discuss the factors that influenced your decision. Conclude with a set of recommendations that JGH will need to follow in order to make your strategy a success

Assessment answers

In this section of the assessment, we shall bve solving one of the questions, we discussed in the last section. This will help students understand the format as well as the technique of the same. Therefore, these are as mentioned below:
a) Using the value chain as a guide, identify JGH’s strengths and weaknesses. Combine these with the opportunities and threats.

Strengths of JPG – institution – internal Strategic factors

As one of the important groups in its enterprise, the JPG – group has diverse qualities that empower it to flourish in the business middle. Thus, These features no longer simply help it with ensuring the portion of the overall enterprise in current business sectors. Yet additionally, assist in getting into new commercial enterprise sectors. In light of Fern castle university vast exploration – a part of the characteristics of JPG institution are –

Awesome Returns on Capital Expenditure – JPG – the institution is usually effective at execution of latest duties and created exceptional profits from capital use by building new income streams.

Widespread diploma of consumer loyalty – the organization with its devoted customer courting the executive’s department has ready. This is to accomplish a simple degree of consumer loyalty among present customers and wonderful logo cost among the probable clients.

Reliable carriers – It has a stable base of the dependable issuer of crude material alongside these traces empowering the organization to conquer any stock community bottlenecks. Computerization of exercises carried consistency of price to JPG – group items and has empowered the employer to grow and downsizes depending on the interest situations looking out.

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Weaknesses of JPG – organization – inner Strategic elements

The shortcoming is the regions where JPG – an organization can refine. The technique is tied in with settling on decisions and shortcoming is the regions where an agency can enhance utilizing SWOT exam and expand on its top hand and key situating.

Furthermore, Restricted accomplishment outside the middle commercial enterprise – Even, however, JPG – group is one of the main institutions in its industry it has faced problems in shifting to other item fragments with its modern culture. Affiliation shape is simply possible with a gift plan of action as a result of prescribing improvement in contiguous object sections.

Nevertheless, The advertising and marketing of the gadgets left a ton to be wanted. in spite of the fact that the object is an accomplishment as a long way as deal yet its situating and considered one of a kind selling advice is not obviously characterized that could prompt the attacks on this section from the contenders.

Moreover, Day’s inventory is a high evaluation with the contenders – making the corporation enhance more funding to place sources into the channel. This may affect the drawn-out improvement of the Marine products organization. Thus, there are holes inside the item range offered by means of the enterprise. This absence of choice can deliver every other contender traction on the lookout.

Opportunities for JPG – group – external Strategic elements

Diminishing the price of transportation because of bringing down delivery charges can likewise reduce down the fee of Marine products organization’s gadgets in this way giving risk to the enterprise – either to assist its productiveness or deliver the blessings to the clients to accumulate a portion of the overall enterprise.

Nevertheless, Strong loose income gives freedoms to position resources into adjacent object quantities. With extra money in the bank, the corporation can place sources into new advances just as in new object fragments. This has to open an open door for JPG – group in different object instructions. The market development will spark off weakening of contender’s gain and empower JPG – an institution to build its seriousness assessment with different contenders.

New natural strategies – the brand new chances will make a degree battleground for every one of the major elements inside the business. It addresses a superb open door for JPG – group to go back and forth home its gain in new innovation and gain part of the overall enterprise in the new item category. Thus, The brand new tax collection strategy can altogether affect the method of running together and can open new freedom for set up gamers like JPG – an institution to build its advantage.

Threats to JPG – organization facing – outside Strategic factors

Developing qualities of close by wholesalers additionally provides a threat in positive business sectors. Because the opposition is paying better edges to the community traders. Reason being that the enterprise is running in numerous nations its miles offered to money adjustments. It is especially given the risky political environment in the number of commercial enterprise sectors internationally.

Therefore, Duty laws in numerous countries are awesome and JPG the institution is probably presented with extraordinary chance claims given trade-in strategies in those commercial enterprise sectors. Moreover, Converting client shopping behavior from online channels. It could be a danger to the current actual basis pushed inventory community model.

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