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LG9001 German language level 1 NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) German language level 1module will throw lights on the fundamentals of the German language. The LG9001 NTU course is beneficial for the students who are interested in work-life, study, and culture related to the German language.

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The LG9001 German language level 1 module Educational upshots

The German language level 1 syllabus is designed for undergraduate students and is a (UE) unrestricted elective.

On completion of the NTU LG9001 course you as a scholar good gain and understanding on the following

1. Identify and read the information provided in the German language and through simplified German text

You will be learning the German language through textbooks and workbooks provided in the NTU German language level 1curriculum.

2. To answer and ask basic questions such as about your hobbies, yourself, living food, and your family

  • You should learn the language and adopt it in your daily life by asking and answering the basic questions related to yourself.
  • You will be asked to write LG9001 assignments on basic topics like food, living, family, and hobbies.

3. To identify and listen to the information provided to the students in the short audio files

  • You should adapt how to communicate and pronounce in this language through audio files given to you in the German language level 1 classroom.
  • This is included to make you able to speak and listen in the German language and not only stick to reading and writing.

4. To write short essays by using vocabulary and learned grammar about the familiar topics

You must write essays on the German language level 1topics assigned to you by the instructors. It will show your reading and writing skills. It will teach you the correct use of grammar in the German language

5. Act and create a short role play

Students will get an opportunity to understand this language through role-play and also you will cover other topics like weather and hobbies, daily schedules, apartments, and house drinks and food in the NTU LG9001 notes.

6. To learn the German language through the four fundamental skills such as speaking, listening, writing, and reading

  • Here, in the NTU German language level 1 course you will learn how to introduce yourself and also how to talk about your friends and families.
  • You will learn all the four communication skill set like to read, write, listen and speak in the German language

7. To provide you with benefit if you want to work for German companies and study or travel in Germany

  • The 36 hours LG9001 German language level 1 module is equal to the A1.1 proficiency level which is sufficient for you to work in German companies or travel there.
  • Students having no prior knowledge of the German language will get benefit by enrolling in this course.

8. You will gain an understanding of the work-life, study life, and culture of the German language

The German language level 1curriculum will also provide you with brief knowledge and understanding of the culture and social life in Germany.

9. You will acquire knowledge on socio-cultural aspects of the German language

  • You will get an introduction to the German language and working knowledge of the German speech communities through the LG9001 class discussions.
  • It will further provide a brief knowledge of socio-cultural aspects related to it.

10. Students will learn the basic grammatical concepts of the German language

The basic concepts will include important adjectives and conjunctions, negations, frequency and time, adverbs, separable verbs, the accusative and nominative case, plurals, the articles, and present tense sentence structure in German to be taught in the NTU LG9001 lectures.

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