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Linguistic Instrumentalism in Singapore Essay Sample

Linguistic instrumentalism is an ongoing debate in Singapore and worldwide for many years.

Students who are studying in Singapore Universities and colleges are often asked to write essays and assignments on linguistic instrumentalism topic.

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Here we are providing an essay writing sample on linguistic instrumentalism so that students can have a brief idea about this topic.

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What is Linguistic Instrumentalism?

Linguistic instrumentalism can be seen as a perspective of the usefulness of language that exists in a community to achieve social mobility, utilitarian goals and economic development.

Culture and language have become the commodity resources in this globalised economy where construction of an international norm and need to cross-boundary has become really important factors.

This has lead in the formation of a new pragmatic position and an abundance of old politics related to identity.

In context with Singapore

In Singapore government has attempted to maintain the economic value of mother tongue or local languages by enforcing linguistic instrumentalism.

Furthermore, we will learn about the disclosure of linguistic instrumentalism by the government of Singapore and its consequences. We will also read about linguistic instrumentalism general features.

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About Singapore’s Bilingual Language Policy

Singapore has chosen English to become its primitive language because it is the major communicative tool accepted worldwide.

Benefits that Singapore experience by enforcing bilingual language policy

  • Singapore has been successfully transformed into English knowing country due to the formation of this bilingual policy.
  • This language policy has played the most important rule in Singapore nation-building process, social linguistic makeup and countries education
  • The rate of achievement in academic areas has increased by students of Singapore
  • English as a medium of language for communication, governmental administration schools and all subjects

This step taken by the government of Singapore of establishing English as a common language was not welcomed by Chinese authorities.

Chinese researchers strongly criticized this concept of linguistic instrumentalism.

Saving of Chinese language education

Singapore government in 1966 enforced a bilingual policy in which Chinese students will have to study English as an option of first language and Chinese language as their mother tongue in Singapore schools.

Singapore is a multilingual country so maintaining bilingualism there has become problematic. This has led to the protection of Chinese languages as younger Chinese Singaporean scholars are lacking interest in learning Chinese languages as their mother tongue due to the dominance of English education.

Singapore’s three-quarter population is Chinese. Singapore has formulated policies that have led to declining of Chinese language proficiency.

There are suggestions provided by researchers to save Chinese language proficiency.

Criteria of language evaluation

  • Elasticity: the languages ability to be more creative and productive than the others
  • Economy: the languages ability in using fewer sentences used for expressing an idea  than the others
  • Clarity: languages ability in expressing of an idea in a simple form than the others

After getting a brief idea of the situation prevailing in Singapore let’s see the global impact of language instrumentalism by looking over its advantages and disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of Language Instrumentalism

  1. Theory of instrumentalism is based on a professional opinion, assumptions and speculations
  2. Language is considered to be a prestigious one which can be improved, evaluated changed and regulated
  3. Claiming of one language to be better than the other by the selection of the best one in itself becomes wrong criteria
  4. Although languages belongs to be of equal native values, Instrumentalism does not consider languages to be equal
  5. It laid emphasis on a structural aspect and do not consider social nature related to the language
  6. It is not based on scientific study and only based on speculations.
  7. It is a totally invalid concept of claiming one language to be superior to the other
  8. It upholds poor theoretical foundation and language planning
  9. It can further lead to the cold war, conflicts and tribal discrimination among the communities and countries.

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Advantages of Language Instrumentalism

  1. Language instrumentalism increases economic returns by an individual
  2. It helps in strengthening Nations economic competitiveness
  3. It helps in achieving utilitarian goals like social mobility and economic development
  4. Professionals around the world should have one language to communicate in so that it smoothen business operations.
  5. Important for globalization and corporate expansion overseas
  6. It emphasized achieving larger goals by the population around the world by organizing, unifying and mobilizing groups and individuals.

Expert’s Conclusion

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The Theory of instrumentalism is been criticized by many experts around the world.

Some say that the identity of the people is linked to their language. We should consider the social aspect while language planning.

Some say there was never and there will never be an optimal language. Therefore language instrumentalism theory should be overlooked as it does not support a strong theoretical Foundation.

Some researchers support linguistic instrumentalism as they say that one language should become the focus on the entire world as it is important for economic success worldwide.

While many people around the world has supported establishing English as the International language.

Well it’s still a debate whether English should be considered as a first language or second language as a medium of instruction in education.

People still have ambiguous thoughts on accepting English as a common language globally, in government operations and organizations.

Many researchers have different perspective on this topic therefore students sometimes find it difficult to solve questions related to linguistic instrumentalism.

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