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BUS 558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Sample SUSS

BUS 558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Sample SUSS

Here, we shall be looking at one of the most important and renowned courses in Singapore. This the BUS558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility offered by SUSS. SUSS stands for the Singapore University of Social science. In addition to this, it is 5 level course while also holds  2.5 credit units as well.

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Moreover, this course concerns a  very important field. That is the concept of Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. This stream can into the spotlight following the various financial market scandals across the globe. As such, mastering this course can help students land excellent job opportunities in the market. Nevertheless, this SUSS course covers several important topics.

For instance, BUS5 58 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility covers corporate governance’s basic concepts. This mainly deals with methods of directing and controlling a corporation. As mentioned earlier, this field or concept came into being as a response to the rising number of financial scandals. Thus, following this several countries including Singapore itself issued their code for Corporate Governance.

Furthermore, this course also concerns The Code of Corporate Governance 2018 of Singapore. This notes the role of the board in considering sustainability-related problems. For instance, it includes the assessment as well as risk management. Plus, it also covers the part strategic formulation.

BUS 558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility teaches students how to grab opportunities that allow them to explore this field as well as fulfill their responsibilities in corporate governance.

In a broader sense, this course covers the following topics:

Corporate Governance, The Role of the Boards, Institutional Elements of Governance, Singapore Code of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Contemporary Issues in CSR and Business Ethics.

Learning outcomes of BUS 558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

As we read in the previous section, this course covers several different topics. For that reason, there are several important learning outcomes associated with the same. Learning outcome refers to the major skills or knowledge acquired by the students throughout the course.

Therefore, we shall be looking at these major learning outcomes. Thus, these are, as mentioned below:

How do you Analyze the corporate governance structures adopted in Singapore?

Corporate governance is quite a complicated concept. As such, a Corporate governance structure is quite an important element of the same. For that reason, students of this course are taught the same by SUSS.

Students learning how to conduct an analysis of the corporate governance structure. To be specific, students analyze the Corporate governance structure of the Singapore city-state. Plus, they learn to evaluate it against the guidelines and standards of various countries of the globe.

How to comply with Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance?

Complying with any guidelines and rules is very important for any business entity. Similarly, following Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance is very important for corporations.

Therefore, students are taught how to help clients comply the Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance. Here, students are taught with help of a hypothetical client. This helps them work in real-life situations and learn better.

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Describe the role of corporate social responsibility in business.

Students enrolled in BUS 558 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility are taught various important topics and concepts.  Thus, this learning outcome is the result of those.

Here, students learn to appraise the role of corporate social responsibility in business. As such, it is quite an important and valued skill in the market.

Evaluate corporate and business ethics issues

Ethics is another important element of business. It helps businesses work within the approximate range. That’s why SUSS teaches students of this course to conduct an evaluation of corporate as well as business-related issues. This helps them improve their respective corporation.

What can one do to Improve critical and analytical thinking and spoken proficiency?

Lastly, critical thinking is a well-sought-after skill in the corporate world. In addition, analytical thinking and spoken proficiency are also equally important. Therefore, students of BUS5 58 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility to improve the skills stated above. This helps them grasp opportunities in the real-world market.

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