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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Assessment

Table Tennis module aims to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge of Table Tennis.

The SS9107 course will further focus on demonstrating the techniques of this game and how to play the sport.

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The SS9107 Table Tennis module Intended learning attainments

Table Tennis 39-hour course is offered under the SSM sports electives.

On reaching toward the end of the ntu SS9107 subject, you as a participant would be able to

1.. Explain and recall the regulations and rules of the game

Candidates would get an opportunity to get an introduction to the historical development, current trends, and rules in Table Tennis elective.

2.Demonstrate the essential skills and techniques

Here students will learn about various skills and techniques related to table tennis such as lob, Smash, block, loop, push, drive, service, spins, footwork, and grip from the SS9107 practical assessment. 

3.Explain the biomechanics of various essential skills

The participants will grasp different basics of biomechanics such as Kinetic skills and motor skills. The class participation will also include discovering footwork, various racket surfaces (pimpled rubber and smooth rubber), and concepts of grips. 

4.Demonstrate the game skills during doubles and singles gameplay

The sports coach will demonstrate the strategies used in doubles and singles gameplay. You will also learn about different styles of play and specialty shots in the SS9107 matchplay. 

5.Demonstrate the basic tactics used in singles play 

The students will master various tactics used in singles play as demonstrated by their sports coach such as third ball attack through ntu Table Tennis drill practices. 

6.Demonstrate the tactics used in Doubles gameplay

The tactics used in the SS9107 subject may include return serve and service of different spins such as side spin, underspin, and topspin. 

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7.Apply the rules of the sport during gameplay

The participants will learn the essential technical skills such as chops, push, backhand, and forehand drive from Table Tennis activities. 

8.Use of video/IT to identify the area of improvement in personal skills

The classmates and the instructor can provide feedback to the participants. it will further help them in analyzing their weakness and strength and to overcome these while playing the sport. You will get to know regarding video capture systems and the use of different software required in the evaluation of student’s performance. 

9.Communicate the strategies to be adopted for self-improvement

The coach will make you aware of different styles of gameplay such as defensive and offensive styles.

You would also learn specialty shots like backhand and forehand loop through the SS9107 skill development activities.

10.Students would be able to enjoy and play a social game organized of Table Tennis

The instructors must organize team competitions and individual competitions by dividing the team into groups. Students must get an introduction to the basic skills required to play the sport.

11.Candidates will demonstrate a good knowledge of the etiquette and rules of the game

To act ethically and become socially responsible to meet the legal and societal expectations. To solve problems for disadvantaged sportspeople and athletes as taught in the SS9107 presentations.

12.They will understand how International and local competitions are organized

You will get to know and recognize different competition formats.

How to work in a team on different projects that are part of a sports management application to be discussed in Table Tennis lectures.

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13.Candidates would be able to know the significance of Table Tennis in the sport industry

To make participants competent in how to Promote this sports activity and to meet the expectation of the sport management industry through the SS9107 tutorials. The sport would develop effective communication, critical thinking, teamwork, sportspersonship and analytical thinking in students.

14.Participants must be able to appreciate the sport played at recreational or competitive levels

To bring people together and try to improve psychological, social, and physical outcomes and appreciate the sport benefits as asked in the Table Tennis theory test.

To also monitor physical activity and the exercise prescription will be provided to you.

15.It aims to impart the competencies and knowledge essential to have an appreciation and informed understanding of Table Tennis

To demonstrate appropriate good conduct, concern, and safety in sports situations included as a part of SS9107 summative assessment. To get aware of commercialization of sports services and products.

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The ntu Table Tennis final mark sheet would be evaluated based on student assessment.

The SS9107 assessment would comprise class participation of 10%, written test of 30%, match play of 30%, and skill development of 30% marks.

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