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MS8205 Materials for Energy Conversion NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Materials for Energy Conversion module will focus on materials for the generation of renewable energy and sustainable development.  The NTU MS8205 course will further provide an introduction to fuels and materials for conventional energy technologies.

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The MS8205 Materials for Energy Conversion module Learning objective

The Materials for Energy Conversion semester 1 subject is a (UE) unrestricted elective and comprises three academic units.

on successful completion of the MS8205 course as a student, you will understand

1.Use Physics and Chemistry to know the fundamentals of the material issues in renewable and conventional energy technologies

The Materials for Energy Conversion curriculum will include the topic such as units and conception in energy conversion. Material issues will be discussed in the following subjects such as Silicon solar cells, semiconductors for photovoltaics, solar radiation, and thermoelectric materials

2.Assess all current sources of materials and energy used for existing storage transportation and production of energy

In the MS8205 part, we will study the renewable resources that most of the material properties limit the application and efficiency of alternative energy Technologies 

3.Understand the reasons behind continuous depletion of various energy resources

Scholars will study the causes of energy resource depletion such as deforestation, pollution, soil erosion, mining of minerals and fossil fuels, unnecessary or excessive uses of resources in MS8205 tutorial notes.

4.Quantify the long-term and short-term potentials for improving material and energy Technologies

Here from the Materials for Energy Conversion curriculum, we will learn various actionable tips such as the use of water processing Technology, implementing Solar Technologies, Clean Energy projects, supporting the concerned scientist, or accepting wind power uses for business and home. 

5.Exploring varied alternative energy sources like solar energy, natural gas, wind, and geothermal energy

The various energy sources will be discussed such as geothermal power, hydroelectric power, and wind energy. Students might be asked to write the MS8205 assignments belonging to any of the given topics. 

6.Explore materials structures and define their properties that are an interrelationship of new materials that might enhance the energy economy radically.

The Materials for Energy Conversion syllabus would include material issues related to fuel cells and also to discuss hydrogen as an energy storage material and as a fuel.

 7.To gain knowledge of advanced energy conservation materials and to analyze their potential 

Students will learn about sustainable recycling use and conservation of material. We will also discuss water as an energy transmitter and energy source in the MS8205 projects.

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8.To learn about energy Technologies that are efficient in reducing the environmental consequences

In this part, candidates will discuss the energy storage, material used for energy transport, resources and efficiency, and fossil fuel as sources of energy through Materials for Energy Conversion classroom activities. 

9.Students will have an understanding of different elements of thermodynamics chemistry and physics

Here the emphasis would be on the energy conversion basics. It will further evaluate existing Technology’s efficiency. The MS8205 lectures will focus on the material issues related to biogas and Biomass solar modules, organic solar cells, compound semiconductor solar cell, and large-area solar cell,

They will study the high-performance materials Technology required for the sustainable energy generation

We will discuss the material for sustainable life, energy, and material recycling and conservation as included in the Materials for Energy Conversion elective.

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The NTU Materials for Energy Conversion final marks are not only based on the written exam but also assessment components.

The ntu MS8205 assessment components would comprise of writing a dissertation, assignments, and essays on the topics provided by the professors.

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