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MS800M An exploration of symmetry NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) An exploration of symmetry module will focus on form beauty and function symmetry. In the MS800M course, we will see symmetry in engineering, science, architecture, art, and nature.

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The MS800M An exploration of symmetry module Educational learning

 An exploration of symmetry curriculum is a ntu STS elective ( science, technology, and Society)

On reaching the end of the MS800M module you would be able to learn the following

1. To explore the symmetry of function, form, and the Beauty in common objects

We will study in the MS800M discipline that symmetry is everywhere and is considered as the blueprint required to operate the universe.

For example, symmetry in nature makes the appearance of trees more beautiful and enhances the photosynthetic reactions. Symmetry in art is where drawing and painting balance out each other simultaneously.

2.To learn the indispensable role of symmetry in technology

Candidates will learn about quantitative and qualitative symmetry elements. They will also have an opportunity to understand one-dimensional symmetry and point symmetry through an exploration of symmetry course. We will also see similarities and dissimilarities in both symmetrical and asymmetrical objects. In technology symmetry applies to computer networks, digital rights, cameras and to all forms of technologies.

3.To analyze the progress of symmetry to investigate crystals and gems, tessellation and tiling

You would be required to undertake field exercises and look for different symmetrical elements that are present in your daily life such as logos, floor tiles, etc.

These exercises are a part of the ntu MS800M syllabus wherein you are required to analyze their symmetry progress as well and generate a report of findings and recommendations.

4.To deeply understand the manipulation of symmetry done by the humankind

You would understand this through the learning log that is a reflection of your lessons learned. An exploration of symmetry examination Questions can come up like explain and state about the structure and to which group of symmetry it belongs to and may also ask for your opinions. Here we will understand manipulation of abstract designs by humankind.

5.To observe forms and patterns at the atomic scale, crystallography, and Minerals

To study symmetry as they are important in data storage devices, material synthesis, and drug design. You will appreciate this advancement in technology as included in the MS800M tutorials. You will also know the consequences of human kind’s precise manipulation and increasingly sophisticated use of symmetry.

 6. To amplify your ideas by undertaking field exercises and introduced to people who work with symmetry

You will be introduced to specialists such as engineers, scientists, historians, geomancers, artists, and botanists with the aid of An exploration of the symmetry branch of study. You will get to know about these through participation in field exercises as these are the ones who work closely with the symmetry.

7.To know the impact of the symmetry on various disciplines

The various disciplines such as science, arts, nature, engineering, and architecture get influenced by symmetry. The impact of symmetry on these various disciplines would be studied in the MS800M notes. Such as in architecture a completion and balance in building, bilateral and reflective types of symmetry.

8.To get a personal insight of symmetry magic by the experiences of the specialist

To appreciate the function of symmetry in today’s modern life and their role in design and beauty and to understand symmetry quantitatively used in our everyday life. We see symmetry examples in everyday lives but have never realized it. It is a significant part of shapes, nature, and geometry as learned through An exploration of symmetry curriculum.

9.Learn to identify and appreciate symmetrical forms

To understand the importance of Technology, crystallography, architecture, art, and nature in identifying the symmetrical forms from MS800M discipline. Symmetry is defined as quality of something having closeness in position, shape and size. People use symmetry concepts including tessellations, rotations, translations, and reflections as a part of the career.

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The MS800M An exploration of symmetry grade sheet would consist of the final exam and assessment marks. The MS800M assessment would consist of learning logs 16 %, writing exercise 22%, field exercises 27 %, and graded MCQs 35%.

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