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MH8300 It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications module will introduce simple and useful mathematics. The ntu MH8300 course will also cover its important applications in everyday life. 

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The MH8300 It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications module Learning outcomes

The ntu It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications curriculum is (STS) science technology and Society elective.

On reaching the end of the MH8300 syllabus, students would be going to acquire knowledge on the following.

1. Introduction to useful and simple mathematics

Scholars will learn about the error-correcting and error-detecting codes, basic modular arithmetic, mathematics application, and theories, and also real-life examples.

Various topics of ntu MH8300 mathematics will include discrete mathematics, game theory, arithmetic, calculus, graph theory, geometry, and differential equations

2.Discussion on applications of mathematics to demonstrate its influence on everyday life

Discussion on everyday use of mathematics by learning algebra, numerical analysis, geometry, Optimisation, and operations research in the syllabus of Its discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications. 

Its everyday use might include making a routine budget, interior designing, or construction purposes at organizations

3.Connect Real-world applications and mathematics learning

To acquire knowledge on different concepts of maths like 

  • calculus that is used by an architect, biologist, and Electrical engineers
  •  trigonometry used for navigation or to determine depth underwater 
  • logarithms used in computing memory as studied in the MH8300 notes.

4.To enable students to learn coding theory used in mathematics

The ntu It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications course will introduce to the real-life applications of mathematics such as telecommunications, CD, ISBN, NRIC numbers, basic issues in applications and theory, applications of basic modular in the design of codes, correcting and detecting errors in data

5.To introduce students to the concept of cryptography that is ensuring the security of the information

Students will learn about the RSA cryptosystem, basic use, and issues in applications such as Electronic Communication And transactions, Chinese remainder theorem, congruences, Euclidean algorithm in MH8300 tutorials.

6.To learn the application and construction of graph theory

Here you will learn basic algorithms and notions, tour construction heuristics, brute force methods, computational complexity, the traveling salesman problem ( finding optimal routes) and applications, relationship to applications (e.g scheduling airline crews, wiring a chip ), simplex algorithm through Its discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications curriculum.

7.To study the meticulous calculations such as statistics and probability

Candidates will get equipped with paradoxes, coincidences, counter-intuitive results, and visualization as studied in the MH8300 lectures. It is the most widely used concept in insurance, geostatistics, radar tracking, aircraft, radiofrequency, and underwater processing

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8.To enable student searching for the required information available on the web related to mathematics

You will learn the applications of linear Algebra and probability especially eigenvalues from this ntu course.

These are underlying various search engines like Google.

You can get various information on the web related to pure mathematics and applied mathematics.

9.Implement hands-on activities of mathematics in the classroom

To organize It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications classroom activities to learn various concepts of mathematics such as probability i.e. to be understood by the pack of card or balls, statistics such as population census and determining the average, and also matrices used in Robotics systems

10.To create an environment to support critical thinking in maths

Various topics such as mensuration, trigonometry, calculus, statistics require lots of effort in solving, understanding, reasoning, and thinking. The process is made simpler through MH8300 class discussion and solving textbook problems.

It will improve analytical thinking, reasoning, decision-making process, judgment, unbiased analysis, problem-solving, and asking questions

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It’s a discreetly discrete world- maths in real-life applications module marks would consist of final exam and performance in continuous assessment.

The MH8300 assessment would include (FYP) Final year project report, essay, and dissertation writing.

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