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Marketing Plan for Popular Bookstore Singapore Essay

Marketing Plan for Popular Bookstore Singapore Essay

This essay sample on Marketing Plan for Popular Bookstore Singapore Essay. Here we are discussing the What is the target market for popular bookstore?, Popular bookstore marketing strategy, Market segmentation for popular bookstore, Popular bookstore swot analysis, Online bookstore marketing strategy for Singaporeans, How do Singaporeans attract customers to their bookstore?, Popular bookstore annual report 2020, Popular Holdings Competitors, etc.

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Introduction- Marketing Plan for Popular Bookstore Singapore Essay

This is a marketing plan designed for an upcoming bookstore in Singapore. The company has high ambitions to be the most popular bookstore in the area and wants to reach this goal by 2020. To achieve this, they have set out a strategic plan that will focus on different marketing methods such as advertising, events, social media campaigns, etc. The first step of their strategy is to start with an effective website design that will attract customers from all over the world!

Main body- Marketing Plan for Popular Bookstore Singapore Essay

Popular bookstore business model

In Singapore, Popular bookstore business models have been playing catch up from the influx of online retailing.

Challenges include high rental charges imposed by landlords, who traditionally see little value in a bookstore as a tenant and need to be convinced of its viability as a commercial space with a stable income-generating potential. Latecomers to the industry may have missed out on access to prime locations found earlier.

Challenges notwithstanding, there are still promising opportunities for interested entrepreneurs eager to move beyond the traditional model driven by book retailing alone.

Market segmentation for popular bookstore

Market segmentation for popular bookstore

There are many ways of approach market segmentation, and it is up to the company which technique best fits their business model and goals. Customer techniques that might be used by a popular bookstore may include:

1) First Identify Your Target Audience- The first step of any successful campaign is identifying who your primary customer base is. If you’re selling textbooks to Singapore college students, your target demographic are people between 18-22 with a post-secondary education

2) Location – In some cases, it’s appropriate to limit the shopping center or outlet location

3) Product Lines – Customers tend to shop from one certain product line

4) Selling Techniques – Customers will also prioritize the techniques that they prefer to use in order to purchase their products.

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Popular bookstore swot analysis

A SWOT analysis of Popular Holdings determines the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It also looks at its threats or potential adversaries in order to better understand where they may come from externally and how best one can prepare for these situations internally before they become overwhelming

A key component to remember while performing this type of strategic planning exercise is understanding what makes you different than your competition; it doesn’t matter if others are doing well so long as there remain unique factors within service offerings that set them apart from something available nowhere else on the market.

What is the target market for popular bookstores?

The target market for the popular bookstores are students, academic scholars, parents, etc. Given that publishers engage in the perennial publication of new novels, reading can be seen as an important educational activity. It provides good material for both personal knowledge extension and teaching other people. Publishing companies should attach much importance to this aspect of business because it can generate many opportunities to market books worldwide.

How do Singaporeans attract customers to their bookstores?

There are a few ways that Singaporeans can attract customers to their bookstores:

1) Offer discounts or promotions.

2) Invite popular authors to visit and speak at readings and seminars.

3) Engage in advertising such as having sales, buying ads, giveaways, etc.

4) Educating the wider community on the benefits of reading and supporting artists via small bookstores. For instance, if you buy books from a bookstore like The Little Red Dot (LLD), you will be ensuring that your money is going into local pockets and contributing towards independent publishing houses that would not otherwise exist without these stores.

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Popular bookstore annual report 2020

Popular bookstore recently reported its 2020 annual report, which revealed exponential growth across many areas including capital growth (+$11 billion), revenue growth (+10%), and net income (+25%). Overall, the company exceeded its performance index by 17%, leading to a sense of optimism at their shareholder’s meeting.

Leading analysts predict us to experience continued increases in revenue over the coming decade, fueled first by eBooks that are predicted to trend higher until an equilibrium is reached with print books. Likewise, retail store locations should continue steady expansion for the foreseeable future as Americans increasingly seek out unique literature stores close to home.

In 2020, Popular bookstore has been exceeding with the ability to open new stores. In 2020, 10 stores have been opened up in various locations across North America with a total of 6000 employees nationwide. Also due to an increase in sales and a focus on cost-effective operations, Popular bookstore remains a leading competitor in its line of trade. Revenue for the fiscal year was recorded at $1 billion where it experienced annual revenue growth of 5%.

Popular Holdings Competitors

According to a study, Popular Holdings Competitors will have an 81% chance of changing by 2020. This means that the company could change into a completely different industry or for all intents and purposes cease to exist as a business entity.

Additionally, this is based on research from MSCI Incorporated who also notes that 64% of their users believe that intelligence will be the only quality needed in 2020 to manage public funds for institutional investors.

Below are the top 4 competitors of Popular Holdings:

  • MPH Bookstore
  • Borders
  • Prologue
  • Page One.


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