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Effective Marketing Plan Tools and Techniques Essay

This essay sample will help in understanding the new product development. It will further focus on the effective marketing strategy used to reach out to potential users. We all are aware of Apple’s phone. Since the launch, it acquired the number one position and became the best seller. Thinking of how it happened? Let’s study in detail regarding marketing plans for new product development.

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The New product development marketing strategy

When a company launches a new product, an effective marketing strategy can help in connecting to new customers. Whether a company is making improvements in existing products or developing a new product, the product marketing strategy can help in gaining the interest of potential customers.

Effective marketing plan for new product development

Start marketing your product in the early phase: It involves properly defining a product such as what the product does, its attributes, and values. Further, it must differentiate from the competitor’s product. Consumers are only interested in the availability, quality, and price of the product. Filling out surveys and data collection are useful marketing campaigns required to test your product.

Share on social media and online websites.: Once the product has received a positive reaction, start building a landing page for the product. Collect more data on customer processes through opt-in email features. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook and keep your customers updated and informed about the new development.

Get an effective team on board: The team members must be excited and informed while working on the product. Take suggestions and recommendations from every team member. The biggest marketing innovations can be given by your team.

Set objectives and budget planning: Planning of budget is an essential part of the marketing plan. Proper estimation of resource allocation and time required to launch a new product.

Product marketing support: Start developing videos, content, and brochures that will support the product. If the new product is based on technology, begin establishing a customer service network. Provide information about support service repairs and warranty period to consumers.

Promotion: Use cross-channel collaboration for promoting the product. You can use digital strategies, email, social media websites, and SEO content to reach a potential audience. Adopt an effective marketing strategy while developing a new product, which helps to expand in new market segments.

Effective marketing plans for new product development

A marketing plan is a blueprint outlining an organization’s product future marketing strategy. It involves advertising and business activities involved to accomplish enterprise goals within time. The six effective steps of the marketing plan are

  • Define your company’s strength apart from the competitors
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Using market segmentation to find potential customers
  • Developing an appropriate multi-channel strategy
  • Plan your budget
  • Measure and collect data

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Marketing strategy tools and techniques for new product development

Strategic analysis is to address the mission, strategies, vision, plans, and situation analysis of the organization. The commonly used marketing tools and techniques are PEST analysis Understand the political, economic, social, and technological environment to identify business opportunities.

It includes government policies, economic trends, consumer preferences, and new technological advancements. SWOT analysis An organization carries out strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat analysis. A firm may develop contingency plans if an area of weakness is identified.

Successful marketing strategies in new product development examples


Coca-Cola is the best example of becoming an International brand and improving its image through solidarity. Its marketing plan focused on the sharing is caring & theme. This helped the band in gaining many awards for this campaign. It launched the happiness truck where free Merchandise was distributed to the person, pressing the red button on the truck. Using a social cause as a marketing plan made Coca-Cola globally recognized.

Electric vehicle

Nissan is the first automaker enabling mass production of electric vehicles. It meets two market needs. First, with zero-emission, it becomes environment friendly. Secondly, it would appeal to the cost-conscious customers who want to cut on fuel expenses.


From the above article, we can conclude new product development covers the entire process required to bring a new product to the market. It requires understanding the competitive market, its nature, and customer requirements and needs. The main variables to drive customer needs are quality, cost, and time. The organization must formulate effective marketing strategies to establish its product and reach potential consumers.

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