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LS9001 Spanish language level 1 NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Spanish language level 1 module provides knowledge and understanding of this widely spoken language. The NTU LS9001 course will focus on learning of the Spanish vibrant culture, cross-cultural situation, and to be able to speak and write in Spanish.

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The LS9001 Spanish language level 1 module Learning outcomes

  • The Spanish language level 1 course comprises three academic units and is a part of undergraduate programs.
  • By reaching the end of the LS9001 curriculum as a student will have the skill and knowledge to

1. Communicate basic information about housing, likes and dislikes, hobbies,s family, about others and yourself

To communicate such information in the present tense and allow them to exchange it at the beginner level through the ntu Spanish language level 1 class discussion with your friends. You will adapt to this language by exchanging information on basic questions related to likes, hobbies, dislikes, housing, and family

2. Comprehend, interpret, and read simple authentic multimedia content (essay, note, blog, email), written and spoken on the familiar topics           

Scholars will have an opportunity to interpret, read, write on familiar topics, and related to these addressing comprehension questions in ntu LS9001 notes. Yow will be able to understand multimedia content as well such as blogs, emails, and essays.

3. Write short text on everyday topics like a note for a relative/friend, or an email requesting your basic information

The Spanish language level 1 content topics will also include a mail/letter describing yourself, a personal ad, or an email. You will learn to pronounce and communicate in basic Spanish language

4. Demonstrate an understanding of social-cultural issues by focusing on Hispanic culture

The ntu LS9001 curriculum will not only teach how to read, speak, and write in Spanish but will also provide knowledge on their culture and its related issues. The Spanish language is widely used by Hispanic culture therefore, the main focus would be to understand their traditions, customs, art forms, and beliefs.

5. Discern different Latin American and Iberian varieties of Spanish

Candidates will have an opportunity to learn a variety of Spanish through the Spanish language level 1 textbooks, material and workbooks. You would learn the Latin American and Iberian kinds also.

6. To practice the four communication skills of the language in an interactive and integrated manner

Through an action-oriented approach of the LS9001 curriculum, candidates will learn the four skills with the aid of classroom material and audio-visual range. The four skills include reading, writing, listening, and speaking the Spanish language.

7. To provide a sound foundation of spoken and written Spanish at the A1.1 level

  • Students would be able to write and speak in the basic Spanish language as taught in the ntu module.
  • To understand and learn Spanish numbers and words and how to to make use of them in everyday conversation.

8. To equip you with the cross-cultural situations knowledge of Spanish language

The ntu LS9001 is an introductory course for students who are interested in learning the vibrant culture and this widely spoken Spanish language. They will also teach cross-cultural issues related to this language. This is beneficial for scholars who are looking to work in Spanish companies or study/travel there.

9. Identify information supplied in basic Spanish sentences and audio files

Students would be provided with audio files to learn basic sentences. The Spanish language level 1 course is beneficial for the students who have no idea about this language. it will open exciting job opportunities by learning Spanish as a second language.

10. To learn advanced Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure

You will learn new words, Spanish pronunciation, and use of Advanced vocabulary and phrases to be used in everyday conversation as included in the LS9001 Spanish language level 1 discipline.

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