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LK9001 Korean language level 1 NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Korean language level 1 module will cover basic topics related to the Korean language, their work-life study, and culture patterns.

By the end of the NTU LK9001 course, you will be able to talk, write, and read about everyday topics in basic Korean.

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The LK9001 Korean language level 1 module learning outcomes

The Korean language level 1 curriculum is an unrestricted elective (UE) designed especially for undergraduate students.

On reaching the end of the NTU LK9001 course the candidates would be able to acquire learning on the following:

1. Write and read in Hangul i.e. the Korean writing system

  • You would have an opportunity to understand the Korean writing system.
  • You would be able to read, write, and pronounce the Hangeul script. The NTU Korean language level 1 course is an excellent opportunity for beginners having no prior knowledge of the Korean language.

2. Identify information provided to the students in audio files and form basic Korean sentences

  • Every student would be assigned audio files so that you can learn about this language by listening to it.
  • Instructors will also organize the LK9001 theme-based activities related to your daily life to develop your Korean communication skills.

3. Introduce yourself and your family and greet each other

Students will get an opportunity to introduce themselves such as occupation, nationality, name, and about their families in the Korean language through the Korean language level 1class participation and group discussions.

4. Describe weather dates, location, and places in one sentence

  • You could learn this language by forming Simple sentences from our daily life activities.
  • The LK9001 Korean language level 1 syllabus will be beneficial for the students having no prior knowledge of the Korean language.

5. Write short essays about a family topic in Korean using vocabulary and the learned grammar

You would be asked to write essays using the correct form of grammar and vocabulary included in the Korean language level 1 tutorial. You should make Simple sentences using elementary reading skills and learn basic communication in the Korean language.

6. To develop four fundamental skills like writing, reading, speaking and listening to the Korean language

  • You would be able to develop these skills in an integrated and interactive manner through a broad range of online and LK9001 classroom activities.
  • It will include topics related to everyday activities, location, weather, numbers, time identities, and greetings.

7. To develop an interest in the study culture, work-life, and also the Korean language

  • LK9001 will teach the A1.1 level of the basic Korean language. You will further learn about work-life, culture, and study patterns developed there.
  • It will prove advantages to the students who are thinking to work in a Korean company or want to go there for the study.

8. You will be introduced to communication basics and grammar fundamentals of the Korean language

The Korean language level 1 curriculum will introduce you to the basics of the Korean language such as writing and reading of the Hangeul pronunciation and script.

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Frequently asked question

Q. 1 Can you provide me with some more information about the LK9001 Korean language level 1 course?

Ans: The NTU LK9001 module comprises three academic units and is of 48 hours tutorials (36 F2F + 12 online). It is beneficial for scholars who want to study and travel in Korea.

For further information, you can go through subject reviews of NTU courses provided online.

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