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Macrosystem Influences on Parenting Sample

In this sample essay, we shall discuss the topic of the Macrosystem’s influences on parenting. As we know, parenting is quite an important factor in developing a child’s personality and shaping their later life. Moreover, the Macrosystems have a great many effects on parenting. Therefore it becomes an important concept to understand for students.

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Furthermore, we shall be looking at different aspects. First of all, we should be looking at what a person’s macrosystem means, as it is important to know before proceeding any further. Then, we shall look at the factors in Macrosystems that influence parenting, and finally, we should finish this sample essay by answering the question asking how the macrosystem influence parenting the namesake of our sample essay.

What are a person’s macrosystems?

The term macrosystem comes from the theory of ecological systems. This theory was developed by Urine Bronfenbrenner. Nevertheless, the macrosystem discusses the cultural contexts of a person’s life. Adding to this the theory proposes that there are five environmental systems, namely:

  • microsystem
  • mesosystem
  • exosystem
  • macrosystem
  • Chronosystem

Moreover, it is said that a person comes in contact with these systems at least once in their lives.

Moving on to the macro system, it is huge culture as a whole. Adding to that it includes factors like socioeconomic status, wealth, poverty, ethnicity, and so on.  Apart from factors this also includes entities like children, their parents and school, and their parent’s workplace as part of a larger cultural context. However, as the culture changes with time Macrosystems changes with it, as a result, each generation has its unique Macrosystems.

What are the factors of the macrosystem that affect parenting?

In this paragraph, we shall discuss the different factors of a macrosystem that may affect parenting. Moreover, these factors as stated below:

Political ideology and child-rearing

  • Theories pertaining to government
  • Democracy

Socioeconomic status

  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Education

Culture and religion

  • Ensuring physical health and survival
  • Developing economic capacities for economic self-maintenance
  • Instill behavioral capacities for maximizing cultural values and achievement

Moreover, these are the factors from different fields the affect parenting. Furthermore, there are more factors that affect parenting which is as given below: Parenting style, Habits of parents, Family dynamics, and more. Regardless we shall discuss how Macrosystems affect parenting in the next paragraph.

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How macrosystem affect parenting?

As we read above, there is a variety of factors in Macrosystems that affects parenting. These a wide range of things ranging from likes of politics to that of religion. Unsurprisingly, things like parenting style, habits, and family dynamics also affect the parenting of children.

Nevertheless, Macrosystems include almost all the cultural factors in one’s life. As we environment, we grow up nib affects us a lot. Moreover, attachment and competency of parents also affect parenting. Adding to that, a child’s care is greatly influenced by the responsive care they receive; it could be secure, insecure, or disorganized. This, in turn, affects the habits of children when they grow up.

Parenting styles are divided into the following categories; Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Each of this parenting style has a different effect on child’s growth and their behavior.  In addition competence and prosocial behavior of parents also affects child along with the schooling they receive and the community they grow up in.

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