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Updated on: 18th Dec 2020

Singapore Public Policy Reflection Paper Sample

The policies are created and developed to regulate behavior and provide services at National, regional, and local levels.

Students of Singapore who wish to pursue their careers in government sectors are advised to study public policies.

Students are often asked to write assignments and Reflection papers on Singapore’s public policy.

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What are the Singapore public policies?

Public policies are said to be the collective action taken by the government. Public policies include government programs, judgments, regulations, rules, and laws.

Singapore’s public policies will foster good governance by establishing strategic policies.

These policies focus on Singapore’s external relations and domestic development taking a multi-disciplinary route while emphasizing strategic thinking.

The Success of Singapore Public Policies

Public policies are framed to solve the problem of peoples. It is said to be the cause of action to be taken by the government to protect the interest of the nation while responding to threatening issues.

But not all policies become a success.

But public policies of Singapore are a success because of proper planning and adoption of functions such as

  •  Agenda setting: to analyze where the government commitment lacks in addressing the existing issues arising due to policy problems.
  •  Policy formulation: to develop alternative solutions in addressing problems of the policy agenda
  •   Decision making: before making a final call considering different options on the course of the action
  •  Implementation: to ensure correct implementation of policies by establishing accountability and incentive mechanisms
  •  Evaluation: to monitor the effectiveness of the policy in achieving the stated objectives
  •  Moral leadership: to successfully implement political leadership for the betterment of the entire Public Service, Bad public officials will corrupt and destroy the system.
  •  Equal treatment to all races: the results of meritocracy and competition will lead to discrimination in the races. When one community is not doing well then they will not become a part of the society. Adopting multiracialism in Singapore has provided many benefits.
  •  Implementing practice and theory: implementation is very important. Good ideas that are badly implemented will become poor ideas in the people’s Eyes.
  •  Security and services: local public goods and public services are provided of a high-quality level and efficiency level throughout the society.
  •  Liberty: the making of democracy works well by preserving civil liberties. You must practice your faith freely without feeling oppressed or insulted. Ensuring that living in the city is safe and free from uncivil elements.
  • Faced with new challenges: adopting skills development initiatives is an important psychological aspect in Singapore. Boosting productivity growth, the role of government in supporting the market, enabling small enterprises to hop on, shared Technologies, and infrastructure.

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Different Types of Public Policies in Singapore

The different types of public policies are stated below:

  •  Health Care: improve citizen welfare by Universal health coverage through tax revenue. The 3 M’s insurance and savings programs such as Medi-fund, Medishield, and Medisave will make the medical savings mandatory. The policy adopted includes population planning in Singapore and National registration identity card.
  •  Housing: the policies are adopted to enhance the quality of life. The Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore has introduced CPF (Central provident fund) housing grant and Build to order flats (BTO) waiting period was reduced.

Various policies adopted our housing and development board, home improvement program, Singapore area licensing scheme, and lease buyback scheme.

  •  Education: it is made compulsory in developed regions to secure the future. Providing fixed monetary transfer to poor families and regular health checkups for the children. It includes policies such as a gifted education program and community Development Council.
  • Technology: securing National safety by reducing Cybercrimes and malware activities. Telecom cybersecurity strategic committee was formed to boost cybersecurity in cases of Cyber data breach. It also banned Public Service from having internet access to tighten the control and security indicating the information on social media and file-sharing sites.

It includes policies like electronic road pricing and main upgrading programs.

  •  Other policies: it includes policies such as the certificate of entitlement, Promote Mandarin Council, special assistance plan, neighborhood renewal program, language policy and planning, and others.

Final words

Public policy is said to be principled guidance to the action. It comprises regulatory measures and premeditated laws in collaboration with different public sectors to effectively manage and solve problems related to the nation.

But not every policy comes up with a 100% rate of success.

Due to this, it becomes crucial for the administrative sectors to be well-informed of its possible outcomes before implementing them.

Public policy practices should be priced as a significant ingredient for establishing good governance rather than taking it to be undermined.

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