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Law For Security Practitioners Assignment Sample Singapore

Law For Security Practitioners Assignment Sample Singapore

This assignment sample for security practitioners is all about the legal aspect where students will learn about different legislation and rules and regulation about security matters.

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The course was designed to disseminate legal awareness to the students who wish to pursue their careers in the legal profession. As legal profession is identified as one of the dignified professions in the industry that requires consistent study and research to procure fruitful results.

The course’s main objective is to formulate legal education in the learners and enable them to understand the meaning of legal language. As legal language needs to understand in every aspect it carries and is interpreted as the way it is legislated.

The most important aspect for the legal practitioner is to interpret the meaning of the provision in statutes, Acts, regulations, etc with the same intention it framed.

The course law for security practitioners incorporates different Acts, rules, regulations, normal and Statutes that exhibit provisions to govern security matters. In any industry, the utmost importance is to retain its security and this course discusses the issues and driving solutions for security practitioners.

The course incorporates topics of security, a legal requirement to comply with security standards in any industry, etc. For every public or private organization, the fundamental of the same is to have a robust legal framework that protects the business.

Law For Security Practitioners Course Work Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the learners will able to frame and develop a legal understanding with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Explain the legal issues which professional face in the security industry and how far this course help in driving solution to the same.

The course envisages the legislation and Acts that are related to security. The experts of the university give a thorough knowledge on how to find loopholes in the language of any Act kr Statute and when it comes to security, several legal issues are being discovered.

The course explains all such legal issues thoroughly and how to deal with them effectively. In any case, security plays an indispensable role that provides protection not only to data or information but also to the organization and the country. The course incorporated various legal as well as technical knowledge in respect of security matters.

As security comprises not only legal issues but also technical challenges that should be read together. This course provides a comprehensive study of legal as well as technical issues about security.

2.Explain the aim and objective behind designing the course law for security practitioners.

The core aim of the course law for security practitioner is to educate about legal awareness to the students. The course involves the teachings on security, as to security agencies, tenders, contracts, agreements, protection of data, security laws, etc.

The course involved an extensive study of distinct laws that govern security matters such as real estate, security services, etc that enable them to protect the interest of such organization. The security matters involve an understanding of information technology and how the licensing works in the field of security.

As not every legal professional is allowed to perform security tasks and given a license to practice as a security practitioner for any organization. The course divides a way to set up a security provider business and means to operate the function.

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3.What are the applications of the course law for security practitioners?

In the full-time course of law, the students will get comprehensive knowledge of the law that includes the major topic of substantive as well as procedural laws but this course design to educate the students about security laws. It involves the documentation part of security that supervises to regulated security service business.

The learners prepare to scrutinize the documents and ensure the compliance of the same with the general as well as special laws about the security and contractual obligations. It gives knowledge about certain general laws of intellectual property and security tenders. It also involves how to formulate any tender of security and conduct security investigation in business.

4. Critically analyze the overview of general legislation that will be taught in this course.

The course law for security practitioners incorporates law on a contract that is subcategorized in different topics of civil law. The law that is codified as well as the uncodified one will explain this course and how the law of security evolves with time.

As it incorporates broad legislation like employment law, tort, family law, vicarious and absolute liability, etc. Then employment law in itself is such a broad subject that itself a complete guide to regulate employment-related issues such as wages, maternity, trade union, industrial dispute, provident fund, etc. The tort of negligence, the tort of a trespasser, and tortious liability of the act comprised in this course.


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