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Examining Prejudice and Discrimination in Singapore Essay

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Investigating the racism problem in Singapore is a research topic for sociologists, psychologists and law practitioners this is a growing concern. This is not an important topic for students of History, education, management but also for the students who are actually feel victimized by the prejudices.

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An objective investigation is needed on this topic with various methodologies so one can actually get the core of it. To consider the problem of Racism in Singapore the policymakers have to take care of the problem by implementing measures in various fields.

The current population of Singapore are different from each other basis on such as gender, disability, rich-poor, size, looks, region, sex, race, etc. It is important to have a review of the statistics of racism in Singapore.

Statistics of Different Races in Singapore

Singapore consists of four races and is a multicultural society. In Singapore 13.4 percent of people are Malays, 74.1 percent are Chinese, 9.2 percent Indians, and 3.3 percent others.

This data is based on the 2010 data of the Department of Statistics of Singapore. The government of Singapore after some serious incidents implemented some initiatives to promote social integration.

Government initiatives after the riots of 1969

There is quota related to the minorities in education, public housing or in other facilities by the government.

There were other several interventions also like working of every male of Singapore in military service for at least two years which will facilitate them in interaction with different groups thus will reduce prejudice.

Some of the initiatives proved to be successful. As there have not been any racial riots there from decades however that is not the only criterion of viewing the status of the prejudice.

Singapore has two law which works against the racism that is “The Statues of the Republic of Singapore 1948” and “The Sedition Act of Singapore”. According to these hurting, the religious or racial feeling of someone is an offense. The offenders can be either imprisoned for three years or be fined or both.

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Difference between Prejudice and Discrimination

In a world of global era where multiculturalism is growing the discrimination and prejudice is a growing concern. Prejudice and discrimination is a rising issue in today’s society.

While prejudice can be only an unfavorable view without any knowledge or consciousness of its knowledge their discrimination is making a difference in treatment while knowing and making conscious decisions.

To be prejudiced is to be from the particular mind-set which is due to some culture, upbringing, religious values, and less education, etc. Discrimination is implementing that prejudice on some particular group by separating them from some benefits, service or group.

In the world, every sort of society mostly faces the prejudices and discrimination. Therefore to remove this there must be some impactful work to change the ideologies of the minds of the people.

Some bases of Prejudices and Discrimination


Gender discrimination is also called as sexism. It comes from the historical perspectives that women needed to have a safeguard from the hard world, they are delicate or can be more vulnerable to mental, physical and psychological misuse.

In Singapore also the male child is preferable than the female child. Gender discrimination happens in every sphere like employment, education, property distribution, etc. In Singapore, it is existent but not that clearly visible than other countries like India and Pakistan.


Mental or any physical disability can also create the cause of discrimination. It can also be a long term negative effect on someone’s ability to perform in life. Mostly it is considered as immediate discrimination just by judging the capacity of the person.

It can be even with those who are more in a vulnerable position. This kind of discrimination can be like laughing at the disabled person, excluding them from the opportunities or the group, belittles them, etc.

Appearance –

The world is full of people of different appearances but respecting the difference Is somehow decreasing. Media had created some sort of biasedness towards lean and fair people with good height.

So the shorter, dark and fat people face discrimination in getting jobs, befriend or in lots of other areas. But this difference can be dependent on some particular culture, for example, the Preference of short feet of women in Chinese culture.

Financial status –

The whole world is after wealth and respects those who have it. Disrespecting the poor discriminating against them on the basis of their financial status is bad but sadly it exists all over the world.

Conclusion –

In Singapore, all kind of discrimination is present with varying degree. Other than the above-mentioned bases the discrimination based on the particular liking of the sex like gay/lesbians, Discrimination based on educational status, living in particular locality, etc also present in Singapore.

To curb this there should be a particular strategy from the childhood of the individual. In that case, even rationality reviving education is necessary.

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