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Impact of Management and Leadership Styles on Strategic Decisions Essay Sample

Strategic business management (SBM) results in an astonishing competitive benefit for a business/ organization since it encourages the association to distinguish its objectives and the techniques to accomplish the objectives.

Strategic management causes the association to envision the changes, and make procedures as per the changing condition and changing business sector requests. Strategic management includes business planning by making suitable strategic decisions while giving attention to business goals and objectives.

In such long-run planning, the business can’t take instinctive choices; consequently, SBM is a legitimate method of decision-making, which turns into a competitive edge for the business. It causes associations to recognize the dangers from the environment and afterwards making systems to change over those risks into opportunities.

This whole process is grounded upon an adequate strategic decision making utilizing the influence of management and leadership styles.

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What is Strategic Decision Making?

The process of preparing a plot based on long-term goals and longer-term vision is known as strategic decision making. It can be reckoned as to create a big picture including the short-term plans as well as broader objective maintaining your operations’ simplicity and uniformity.

The managers of different top successful businesses and industries accomplish more than just figuring out how to bring in cash and sell stuff. In addition to the fact that they handle the everyday undertakings of selling, they likewise think about the 10,000-foot view and settle on choices that will get the organization to where it needs to go. This is called strategic decision making in which every decision made is based on the organization’s objectives or mission.

This sort of decision-making aides the decisions that are made, harmonising them with the organizational goals. It requires out-of-the-container thinking as administrators need to consider future situations that could conceivably occur. These are such situations which will decide where the company is heading towards and proceed with its next steps.

How Management and Leadership Styles Impact Strategic Decisions

It is very well said that “Managers are who do things right and leaders are who do the right thing”. In any business, organization, company or enterprise the leaders are those who lead people, group or team while the managers are those who tend to manage all the activities, things going around in the organisation.

For this, we can have a look at the diverse operations of managers and leaders: –


  • Managers administer
  • Monitor the established course
  • Safeguard that people do things
  • Make sure that people do things better


  • Leaders innovate
  • Set up the course that managers follow
  • Make sure that people want to do things
  • Safeguard that people do the right things
  • Confirm that people do better things

The manager comprising all of the management skills as well as the leader having leadership skills with various leadership styles, both of them are equally important in the process of strategic decisions making.

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This can be explained in such a way that the leaders utilizing their effective leadership skills bring change to the organization which in turn assist the business to make efficacious decisions for meeting the future goals. On the other hand, the managers can be regarded as the part of the association who uphold the day to day organisational activities which is eventually supportive for the business to make strategic decisions involving its short term as well as long-run plans.

How strategic decisions are influenced by the management and leadership styles

The management and leadership styles influence the strategic decisions in such a way that-

Management has a scheme and methodologies and it emphasises on the implementation of the strategy while the leader keeps up the human resource and organizational behaviour and guide the personnel, control, coordinate, and persuade them to carry out the strategy with their optimal performance so as to achieve the final objective of the company.

The management and leadership styles can impact the strategic decisions in view of the fact that the right leadership style is essentially required while making effective strategic decisions.

If a correct/ appropriate leadership style is not pursued in the process of strategic decision making, that would engender failure of the decision.

Hence, the company should be well aware of which leadership style should be followed in making which kind of strategic decision.

In the present scenario of modern and ever-developing technologies and competition, the organization should employ the best ever management and leadership skills in making strategic decisions in order to meet the organizational objectives and future goals.

Leadership styles that can be employed in the strategic decision-making process

  • Bureaucratic leadership
  • Democratic leadership
  • Autocratic leadership
  • Laissez-faire leadership
  • Charismatic leadership

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The leadership styles and management have a great impact on the strategic decisions which in turn prove to be beneficial for making effective strategic decisions. Appropriate management and leadership skills lead strategic decisions to achieve the organization’s goals.

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