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The term leadership contains a wide array of meanings under it as this is an umbrella term under which there are embedded many meanings. Some people consider leadership as a quality that exists in the genes of a person and can continue for generations. At the same time, there are people who are in favor of leadership qualities in a person which he or she develops across his life period. This does not make much sense to talk much about the topic by making blind general statements. Certain prove and arguments must be given in support and defense of the statements given by the people at different periods of time.

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Let us consider the opinion of those who are in the mind that leadership cannot be developed throughout the lifetime of a person and it is a hereditary factor. We can raise the question of this statement because there are many examples where nepotism in the leadership cannot be seen.

People having no leadership roots are doing very well in the arena of politics and managing things very effectively. So here we can reach a conclusion for this statement that it is not true or important to belong from a family having big leaders as those who are doing a marvelous job as leaders of the society not necessarily belong to such a background only.

Now we come to the second statement which is in the favor that leadership qualities must be there to become a relevant leader. Well, this sounds much better as a person having the capacity to act as a leader can discharge his or her duties in a real sense. No support from others in terms of experience is needed if he is a good leader. Here we can clearly say that a leader must be loyal and education so that he can take the right decision at the right time. Everything else is just a myth about the nepotism and leadership nature in the genes of a person.

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We can make crucial changes in society as a good leader if our intentions are loyal and want to do something for the welfare of the masses. In the state of dishonesty and misbehaving with the people of a society no genes can work out for a leader. Leadership qualities are not God gifted and they are developed over the period of time as per the demand of the time. We cannot say about a person that he or she is a born leader as he has to prove it through the deeds committed for the welfare of the public towards which a leader is liable.

The conclusion of the essay says that although leadership is good quality but it cannot be said at any cost that one is the best leader because his father was the same. It is really not important that if a father was the best leader then, his son would also be the same. There can be chances that son also becomes a popular leader like that of his father but it depends like any other individual. Hard work and goodwill towards doing something for the common public can make a person as a popular leader.

A leader must possess loyal behavior towards the masses and should have the education of the best level apart from discipline. Only then we can include him in the list of best leaders in real sense. Getting the throne from parents and becoming a puppet leader is of no use and the entire grace for a leader comes from the deeds that he has done for his public during his time period. That is how the status of a popular and established leader can be gained by a person.

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